Residency for tuition purposes

Resources regarding Utah residency requirements and the reclassification process for in-state tuition rates.



Summer 2021 applications are now closed. Fall 2021 applications are now open. 


Residency Information Sessions

Applying for residency reclassification for Spring 2022? Register for one of our presentation and Q&A sessions as we outline the updated residency requirements. More sessions and resources to come!

Friday August 6 | 11:00 AM MDT

Applying for residency reclassification for Fall 2022? Register for one of our presentation and Q&A sessions as we outline the updated residency requirements. More sessions and resources to come!

Wednesday August 11 | 6:00 PM MDT

Recorded Information Session

Can't make it to a live session? Watch a general session here and call or email us with any questions!

Residency Reclassification Application Deadline by Semester

Fall Semester July 1st
Spring Semester → November 1st
Summer Semester → April 1st

Domiciliary Tie Establishment Deadline by Semester

Fall Semester → May 1st
Spring Semester → October 1st
Summer Semester → February 1st


801-581-8761 Option 5

Student Services Building, 201 S 1460 E, Rm 250 S, Salt Lake City, UT 84112

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There are different tuition rates for Utah residents and for non-residents, based on Utah State Law, 53B-8-102 and Board of Regents R512 Policy. Your initial residency classification will be determined when your admissions application is reviewed. Once admitted, your official letter of acceptance will include your classification. If you are classified as a non-resident but meet the requirements of a policy or exception for resident status, you may apply to change your status.

The resources listed above describe the various ways in which students may be eligible for in-state (resident) tuition under the provisions of Utah state law. These documents explain the general rule of the law as well as exceptions that may make students eligible to waive the time requirement and apply for residency immediately. Review these materials carefully. Non-resident students who are eligible for reclassification of their residency status must submit a complete reclassification, certification, or military form by the applicable term deadline with all required supporting documentation.

Per University of Utah policy, incoming graduate students, including those in the Medical and Law programs, may apply under the Undergraduate policy or any other policy if they qualify prior to the start of their graduate studies. Graduate students who begin their graduate program as a non-resident are only eligible to reclassify under the Graduate policy, which includes completing 40 graduate-level semester hours prior to reclassification. Medical and Law students are ineligible to reclassify after beginning their program. Dental students admitted as non-residents are ineligible for reclassification at any time. The only exceptions to Graduate, Medical, Law, and Dental residency policy are for students proving eligibility through military or American Indian exceptions, or the House Bill 144 tuition waiver as described below.


Residency Reclassification Application

Please check to see which policy you qualify for and then complete the Residency Reclassification Application if you meet the requirements:

Residency Reclassification Application

Please note, most of the exceptions on this application are for qualifying students who have not met the general requirements of the One Year Rule. If you are an undergraduate student or incoming graduate student, have completed at least a 12 month period of residence in Utah, and need to reclassify, you will need to show eligibility under the Undergraduate policy.

Please make sure to also check the term deadlines below.


Term Deadlines to Submit Application / Certification / Military Forms

All students must submit their residency form by the date listed below. Students will be able to submit additional documents as requested proving physical presence after initial submission. Please note: Applications submitted after the deadline are not guaranteed a decision by the tuition due date.

Term Deadlines to Establish Domiciliary Ties

Students applying under the Undergraduate Policy (One Year Rule) or Graduate Policy must establish their Utah domiciliary ties (driver’s license, voter registration, and vehicle registration) by the deadlines listed below. * Failure to establish ties by the listed deadlines will require students to provide proof of additional Utah ties. 


Residency Application Submission Deadline by Semester

Fall Semester
Spring Semester
Summer Semester

Domiciliary Tie Deadline by Semester

Fall Semester
Spring Semester
Summer Semester
Residency Office Contact Information:

(801) 581-8761, Option 5