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Addendum versus Reclassification? What's the difference?

An Addendum is...

An addendum is an application to amend residency information from an admissions application.

The addendum allows the Residency Division of Office of Admissions to update missing or incorrect information from the admissions application, allowing Admissions to correctly classify the student as a resident for tuition purposes.  An addendum can only be completed between a student applying for admissions and the beginning of their first semester.  After their first semester, a student can only change their resident student status by means of a reclassification or an exception.

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Residency Addendum

A Reclassification, or an Exception, is....

Students who have started their enrollment at the University of Utah who want to change their resident student status are required to do so be means of a reclassification or an exception.  These reclassification/exception policies are divided by student type, such as:

  • Undergraduate students (including “incoming” graduate students who have not yet started their graduate classes)
  • Graduate students
  • Military or Veteran affiliated students
  • American Indian students
  • Olympic Athlete students
  • Transfer students from another USHE school in Utah
  • Exceptions from the State of Utah

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