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Challenge a Course

Challenging a University course allows you to earn college credit by demonstrating sufficient knowledge of the course material without attending the class or completing the coursework.

If you’re interested in challenging a course, here’s what you need to know:

  • This option is beneficial to students who already have knowledge equivalent to university courses, and who attended a school with limited transferability.
  • You can challenge a course by taking the final examination for the course with the approval of the department chair and director of admissions.
  • Challenge exams are offered on a credit/no-credit basis and no grade is recorded for the course.
  • You will not be awarded credit if the course content is duplicated by previous course work or exams taken, or if you’ve earned higher-level course credit of similar content.
  • You cannot challenge a course in order to earn university credit for material learned in high school, or classes previously failed or classes you’ve withdrawn from.
  • The associated academic department determines which courses are open to challenge and who can do so.
  • Students must contact the Office of Admissions for appropriate forms, and pay the $50 fee prior to the examination.
  • International students must have authorization from the International Office of Admissions (250 Student Services Building) and departmental approval before taking a challenge examination.

Procedure to Obtain Credit by Challenge Examination

  • Pick up the Petition for Credit by Examination from the Office of Admissions on the 2nd floor of the Student Services Building.
  • Obtain permission from the department chairperson and have the chairperson sign the Petition for Credit by Examination.
  • Have the department write its account number on the petition before paying for the examination.
  • Pay $50.00 for each petition at the cashier’s window in Room 150 in the Student Services Building.
  • Attach the receipt or a copy of the receipt to the petition (credit will not be awarded without the receipt or a copy of the receipt attached.)
  • Take the petition with receipt to the person administering the exam.
  • The person administering the exam must sign the petition, giving the date of the exam, the grade received, and the credit hours recommended.
  • The person administering the exam should then return the petition to the Credits and Admissions Committee, c/o The Office of Admissions in Room 250 of the Student Services Building.
  • Credit will be posted by the registrar’s office if approved by the admissions office.

Things to Remember

  • Only matriculated University of Utah students are eligible to petition for credit by examination.
  • A C- grade or higher must be achieved for credit to be awarded.
  • Although a grade is reported, the hours will be posted as credit.
  • If challenging more than one course, additional petitions will be needed.