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Scholarships are a great way to finance your education. With a wide variety of funding opportunities available, you can explore options to best fit your needs.


With plenty of scholarships available to new students, you can lighten your financial load and focus on what matters most. Find the funding you need to let the learning begin.

Incoming Freshman Admissions/Scholarship deadlines:

  • Dec. 1 – Admissions Early Action Date and Merit Scholarship Consideration Deadline
  • Feb. 1 – Financial Aid Priority Date


Interested in attending the University of Utah? Wondering how to pay? Find scholarship opportunities to fit your needs and ease the transition.

Transfer Admission/Scholarship Deadlines:

  • Feb 1 – Priority Admission Application Date
  • Feb 1 – Financial Aid Priority Date

Asia Campus

The University of Utah Asia Campus offers numerous scholarships to make your international education accessible and affordable, including the UAC Entrance Scholarship and the UAC New Horizon Scholarship.

Freshman Merit-Based Scholarships

The University of Utah offers merit-based and need-based scholarships to incoming freshman students entering in the summer or fall terms. Need-based scholarships require the timely completion of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The merit review process is highly competitive and considers cumulative, unweighted high school grade point average (GPA) and the level of rigor of the courses taken as compared to the rigorous courses available at each school.

The following information related to deadlines and processing applies to all merit scholarships, including the For Utah scholarship, administered by the University Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid.

  • Students with cumulative, unweighted high school GPAs of at least 3.7 are most competitive for merit scholarships
  • Level of rigor is considered within the context of each high school’s course offerings and curriculum and students who take the most rigorous course schedules available at their high school are most competitive for merit scholarships
  • Course rigor can include the overall number or level of the most rigorous courses taken and the grades earned in those courses
  • All academic information provided by an applicant at the time their admissions application is complete and submitted is reviewed and considered
  • There is, however, no GPA or course schedule that guarantees a student will receive a merit scholarship from the University.

The information provided here is for new, incoming freshman students applying for the fall 2023 term. Please note that policies may change at the start of future admissions cycles.

  • We encourage students to work closely with their high school counselors when determining their course schedules
  • High school counselors can best advise on the rigorous courses available at their high school and can help students understand how to balance their course load for the best opportunity for success
  • The University of Utah does not advise or counsel students on which specific courses they should take during their high school career

Have you completed the following steps?

  1. Submitted your Common Application by December 1
  2. Confirmed with your high school counselor that they have sent your transcripts to the Office of Admissions
  3. Confirmed with the Office of Admissions that your transcript was received
  4. Followed up on any request for additional information you received from the Office of Admissions

Freshman Merit-Based Scholarships FAQs

College-Based Scholarships

So many scholarships, so little time. Narrow your search with college-based opportunities in your area of study.