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Student Life

Find Community at the U

The U offers countless opportunities to make meaningful connections, build lifelong friendships, and thrive both independently and collectively well beyond your college years.

No matter where you come from, this is where you belong.

MUSS: It's a Must

MUSS is an acronym for ‘Mighty Utah Student Section’ and refers to the university’s community of loyal sports fans. Fueled by tradition and camaraderie, it’s the epitome of school spirit.

Student Groups Abound

Never worry about fitting in at the U. With more than 5,000 student groups available, you can find your people while pursuing your interests.

Countless Clubs

Get involved and explore new niches to your heart’s content with myriad clubs on campus.

The U’s Top 10 Bucket List

1. Learn the fight song

2. Hike the Block U

3. Join a student organization

4. Attend a Pac-12 sporting event

5. Volunteer with the Bennion Center

6. Climb 54-ft at The Summit Climbing Facility

7. Play Canoe Battleship in Crimson Lagoon

8. Attend the Crimson Nights dance party and Redfest Music Festival

9. See a free Utah Presents production at Kingsbury Hall

10. Join an Intramural Sports team

Campus Living

Our on-campus residence halls allow first-year students to live solo in a single room or cohabitate in a double.

Undergraduate Housing

There is so much more to on-campus living than a new address, and Housing & Residential Education is here to help. By living on campus, you will take part in a program designed to enrich your your life by allowing you to explore areas of interest including entrepreneurship, social justice, engineering, leadership, fine arts, global engagement, science, and so much more.

We encourage you to explore the varying housing options for undergraduate students here.

Living Learning Communities

One way to deepen your engagement at the U is through a variety of special living options like Living Learning Communities (LLCs) and Themed Communities (TCs). Each type of special living option is designed to bring together students with similar interests, majors, goals, and experiences.

Graduate Housing

Housing & Residential Education supports graduate students in a variety of housing locations, including:

  • Lassonde Studios
  • Downtown Commons 1
  • Downtown Commons 2

Graduate students must maintain continual enrollment throughout the academic year and summer.

Contact & Tour Options

Ready to take things to the next level? Chat with a counselor or take a tour virtually or in-person.