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Undergraduate One Year Rule Policy

Undergraduate One Year Rule Policy

The Undergraduate One Year Rule Policy applies to most students looking to reclassify their residency status at the University of Utah, and it is the most common policy undergraduate students use to reclassify as a resident for tuition purposes, after completing a minimum of 12 months in Utah.

To qualify for this policy, the student must meet ALL of the following requirements and submit an application and all necessary documentation by the specified deadlines.

  • Utah Domiciliary Ties: driver’s license, voter registration, vehicle registration
    • Students MUST relinquish domiciliary ties (driver’s license, voter registration, and vehicle registration) held in any other state and establish them in Utah by the Utah tie deadline.
    • Students must submit a valid Utah driver’s license.
    • Students must submit proof of active Utah voter registration via their voter registration card or a certified letter from the County Clerk’s office.
      • Students with granted permanent resident status are exempt from this requirement and can submit a secondary Utah tie.
    • If the student has a vehicle registered in their name, it must be registered in Utah and the student must submit valid and unexpired vehicle registration.
  • Verified documentation of the student’s tax independence
    • Students under 24 years old and not married must submit verification of tax independence showing that they are not claimed as a dependent on the federal tax return of any person who is not a resident of Utah.  They can submit:
      • The first two pages of the student’s federal tax return 1040 for the most recent tax year verifying that they were not claimed as a tax dependent by out of state parents/guardians.
      • Or students who did not file their own federal taxes must submit a copy of their out of state parents’ or guardians’ federal tax return(s) for the most recent tax year verifying that they did not claim the student as a dependent.
    • All tax documents must be verified for submission to the IRS.  Tax returns submitted must be signed by the taxpayer to verify submission to the IRS.
      • If the taxes were electronically filed, proof of an e-signature is required
      • If tax returns do not have a signature, other means of verifying submission of the tax return to the IRS will be required
  • Proof of physical presence in the state of Utah for 12 continuous months 
    • Students must submit proof of their physical presence in the state of Utah for at least the 12 continuous months immediately prior to the first day of class for the academic term they wish to be considered a resident student, with no more than 29 days total with presence unaccounted for or outside of the state of Utah.  ALL SUBMITTED DOCUMENTATION is subject to review.
    • Accepted methods of proof include the any of the following, and not all of them may be required:
      1. In-person enrollment at the University of Utah or another Utah institution through transcripts
      2. Dated pay stubs from a Utah employer for each date range the student wishes to prove
      3. A signed and dated employer letter on letterhead specifying the dates of beginning and ending of employment with a Utah employer
      4. Bank or credit card statements in the student’s name only showing a purchase made in person, in the state of Utah, at least once every 7 days or fewer for the date range the student wishes to prove
      5. Physical Presence Office Check-Ins at the Residency office once at least once every 7 days or fewer for the date range the student wishes to prove, during Office of Admissions business hours only
      6. Gym records in the student’s name and with the name and contact information for the gym, showing visits to a Utah gym in person at least once every 7 days or fewer for the date range the student wishes to prove
      7. University of Utah-sponsored programs that are organized or sanctioned by the University of Utah with supporting documentation and institutional verification through a signed and dated letter on letterhead from the organizing department
      8. In some cases, a signed and dated letter on letterhead from a religious, volunteer, or educational leader or a coach, doctor or therapist specifying the dates of presence in Utah may be used (subject to review)
    • The following CANNOT be used to demonstrate proof of physical presence (this list is not exhaustive):
      • Utah utility bills
      • Utah leases or rental agreements
      • W-2s
      • Presence of Utah property
      • Personal statements
      • Letters from friends/parents/landlords
      • Records from apps such as DoorDash, UberEats, Uber, Lyft, Venmo, Door Dash, GrubHub, etc
      • Photographs or images of people/locations
      • Social media posts such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, etc.
      • Cell/Mobile phone records
    • Any form of proof of physical presence in Utah submitted is subject to review; acceptance is not guaranteed.
    • Students are expected to report any days they leave the state of Utah.
    • Any days that a student cannot prove their presence in Utah by one of the accepted methods will count against the 29 day total.

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