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Push Your Learning Beyond the Classroom

Push Your Learning Beyond the Classroom

Applying your skills and knowledge in the real-world can help you get the most out of your university experience. Read on for a few exciting ways U students expand their academic horizons while also gaining valuable knowledge and practical skills.

1. Take your studies abroad.

Like Derek, go global with your education! Studies show that students who study abroad secure a job faster after graduation, earn a higher starting salary, and develop valuable intercultural and interpersonal skills.

2. Activate your school breaks.

The Alternative Breaks program engages students, faculty, and staff in justice work and experiential learning during school breaks. Make the most out of your time off!

3. Make work-study work for you.

Campus jobs are more than just a paycheck! You can connect with other students, explore different career paths, and gain real-world job experience.

4. Discover more through research.

The Office of Undergraduate Research partners students with faculty researchers, offers travel and small grants, provides summer research experiences, and hosts research symposia. Whatever your major, you can make important, cutting-edge research contributions!