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Ask Ashley

Advice from An Academic Advisor

Ashley Glenn, Associate Director of the Academic Advising Center

Feeling daunted by preparing for college? Ashley Glenn, Associate Director of the Academic Advising Center, is passionate about helping you turn those turn nerves into excitement! She works with students to help them find their place at the U of U and to explore the possibilities for their academic path here. Read on for her top tips to make your transition to campus smooth and stress-free!

You don’t have to be 100% decided on your major to choose the U.
There are more than one hundred academic programs at the U, including majors, minors, and certificates – ranging from game design to ballet to physics to health, society, and policy and more.

Whether you are decided on your major, considering a few, or exploring your options, you will find dedicated resources at the U, starting with

There’s more to your degree than your major.

Your time at the U will also include general education and other curricular and co-curricular activities and opportunities like internships, learning abroad, research, activities on campus, outdoor recreation, and more. Faculty, academic advisors, student success coaches, and other staff are here to guide you through the many exciting choices and connect you with the best fit for you.

Create a balanced schedule.

Classes are only part of your time at the U. Make room in your schedule for things you enjoy and for classes, work, and other responsibilities. Find an app or planner to organize your time and track assignments. Review the academic calendar and your class syllabi each semester and set reminders for important dates. During New Student Orientation, academic advisors will work with you to create your first semester schedule.

Ask questions.

Research is about asking questions and generating solutions – which is why faculty enjoy and learn from curious students. That curiosity has personal benefits. What do you need to be successful? Staff at the U can direct you to all kinds of resources— from academic support to mental health services to employment opportunities and beyond. Find a starting list of tools for success and meet our student success coaches at

Build a network of people who know and support you.

With just over 35,000 students, you can find your community at the U. Engage with other students in class and on campus. Explore clubs, resource centers, and myriad campus activities to connect with students who share your interests, identities, values, goals, and more. Make a point each semester to talk with one of your professors outside of class. Most faculty and staff work at the U because they are excited to be part of your academic success.

Imagine. Then do.

The unique skills, abilities, and experiences you bring to the U contribute to a vibrant community of learners. That creative energy is powerful and transformative. Think about the impact you want to make. Then make it happen – knowing the U is here to support and celebrate YOU.