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Participation Counts

Many Paths to involvement

Sven Karabegovic, College of Humanities & College of Social and Behavioral Science, ‘24

When I entered as a student at the University of Utah, I was met with more involvement opportunities than I could imagine. Although I started my higher education at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, my college experience was more than just Zoom meetings and classes. It was filled with building relationships, connecting to campus life, and taking advantage of the opportunities presented to me. As a first-generation student, my perspective on what the “college experience” represented shifted dramatically. I entered a university where involvement felt just as important and rewarding as the work done within classrooms.

At the University of Utah, fellow students, professors, and staff worked hard during the early days of the pandemic to maintain the hundreds of organizations, clubs, and extracurriculars this campus has to offer. Although I still spent the bulk of my freshman year at home, I stepped outside those confines in creative ways by applying myself to opportunities that interested me. I joined the Freshman Ambassador Board, the Honors Student Advisory Council, Greek Life, and various athletic clubs. I reached out to campus partners such as the Hinckley Institute and interned for the Salt Lake City Mayor’s Office in my second semester. I realized, even in a time of limited face-to-face interaction, the University of Utah offered so many ways to find a community on campus.

Sven Karabegovic, a political science and international studies major from Salt Lake City, poses for a portrait in the O.C. Tanner Humanities House in Salt Lake City on Wednesday, September 6, 2023. Sven is the Resident Advisor (R.A.) of the O.C. Tanner Humanities House which houses up to 12 students.

In the years since transitioning to normalcy, these opportunities only grew. I’ve found roles as Director at the Union Programming Council, a Resident Advisor at the O.C. Tanner Humanities House (pictured above), and various new internships. The relationships I built my freshman year not only served as building blocks for future involvement opportunities, but also gave me access to supportive communities that I cherish today.

In my three years at the University of Utah, I’m proud to say how much campus involvement has helped me develop as a person. I’ve learned more about myself, gained invaluable skills, and built life-long friendships. With everything this university has to offer, you’ll be amazed by what’s possible at the U!