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If you have questions or want to talk to someone in our office, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Office of Admissions

201 S 1460 E, Rm 250 S
Salt Lake City, UT 84112

Campus Address: 250 S Student Services Building  [ MAP ]

Phone: (801) 581.8761
Toll-free: (800) 685.8856
FAX: 801.585.7864

Office of Admissions Welcome Center

(If you are coming for a tour, please proceed to the Welcome Center on the first floor at the West end of the Union Building.)

A. Ray Olpin Student Union Building  [ Map ]

200 South Central Campus Drive, Rm 80
Salt Lake City, UT  84112

Freshman Admissions

Phone: 801.581.8761

Transfer Student Admissions

Phone: 801.581.8761


Phone: 801.581.8761

Readmission of Former Students

Phone: 801.581.8761

International Student Admissions

Phone: 801.581.8761

Graduate Student Admissions

Phone: 801.581.8761 


Mateo Remsburg
Associate Director
Office of Admissions
(801) 581-8761

Emily Edmonston
Associate Director, International Admissions
Office of Admissions
(801) 581-8761

Moana Hansen
Assistant Director for Recruitment
(801) 585-1320

Patrick Jones
Senior Admissions Counselor
Outreach Programs
(801) 581-6213

Brian Stelbotsky
University of Utah Asia Campus, South Korea
Assistant Director of International Recruitment
Office of Admissions

Kaitlin Lindsey
Senior Admissions Counselor
Alumni & Parent Volunteers
(801) 585-1998

Ryan Copeland
Senior Admissions Counselor
Transfer Admissions
(801) 587-7826

Brian Best
Admissions Counselor
(801) 587-7808

Madalena McNeil
Admissions Counselor
(801) 585-1993

Madalyn Smith
Admissions Counselor
(801) 581-6373


Salote Halatoa
Admissions Counselor
(801) 581-5952

Carolyn Lyons
International Admissions Counselor
(801) 587-2612

Todd Taylor
Senior Program Coordinator
(801) 585-9987



Office Hours

Both Offices
Mon, Wed–Fri: 8am to 5pm
Office of Admissions
Tues: 10am to 5pm 
Welcome Center
Tues: 9am to 5pm 

(All hours are Mountain Time)

The Admissions Information Window will stay open until 6pm on Tuesday evenings during the first three weeks of the fall and spring semesters.


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