Supporting Documents


Every deferment application requires supporting documentation for verification purposes. Find the reason for your deferment request below, and provide Admissions with the correct documentation.

Questions about Deferment?

If you have any questions regarding deferment or supporting documentation for a deferment application, contact Todd Taylor, Administrative Program Coordinator, and Deferment Specialist, at (801) 585-9987 or by emailing


Military Service | Medical Reasons | Humanitarian Service | Religious Service | Additional Reasons

Supporting documentation to accompany your deferment request can be submitted online or emailed to

Military Service

Students requesting an admissions deferment for military service can either provide their official military orders or a letter from their military leader(s).

Medical Reasons

Students requesting an admission deferment for medical reasons must provide a letter from a medical professional explaining why the student is unable to attend.

Humanitarian Service

Students requesting an admissions deferment in order to provide humanitarian service must provide a letter from the organization coordinating/arranging the service.

Religious Service

Students requesting a deferment for religious service must provide documentation showing that they will not be able to attend because of their religious service. For example, a copy of their religious assignment letter.

Additional Deferment Reasons

While less common, deferment requests can be granted for reasons not listed. Deferment eligibility is determined on a case by case basis. If you are requesting deferment for a different reason than those listed, contact