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Judge Memorial High School

University of Utah
College Prep Course Requirement List
Judge Memorial High School
650 S. 1100 E.
Salt Lake City, UT 84102
(801) 363-8895

English: 4 years* emphasizing composition and literature.
Advanced Literature Studies
Agents of Change
American Literature
An Expanding American Identity
AP English in Composition & Language
AP English in Literature & Composition
Conflicts in Literature
Creative Writing
Culture and Conflict
Dangerous Books
Good vs. Evil
Great Villains
Heroes and Monsters
Intensive Journalistic Writing
Intro. To Literature
Junior Honors English
Madness in Literature
Minorities in America
Murder, Mystery and Mayhem
On Becoming American
South of the Border
The American Century
Themes in Western Tradition
Watch What You Read
Western Literature

History: 1 year* American history and government (processes and structure of democratic government). 
American Government
AP U.S. History
Regional American Literature
U.S. History (Early)
U.S. History (Modern)

Science: 3 years*, two of which are required to be taken from basic core science courses in biology, chemistry or physics (one of the sciences must include a laboratory experience).

**Biology, AP
**Chemistry Study (Honors)
**Physics, H
Astronomy/ Oceanography
Enriched Biology
Enriched Introduction to Physical Science
Geology of Utah/ Environmental Science
Human Bio. Sys./ Anatomy-Physiology
Human Biological Systems
Introduction to Physical Science

** Two of the courses must be taken from these.

Languages: First and second year (level) of the same foreign language taken during grades 7 through 12.
Enriched French I and II
Enriched Spanish I and II
French I, II, III, IIIH, IV, IV H
German I, II, III H, and IV H
Japanese IV H
Latin I, II, III H and IV H
Spanish I, II, III, IIIH, IV H, AP

Mathematics: 2 years* beyond elementary algebra (selected from geometry, intermediate algebra, trigonometry, college or advanced algebra, or calculus). 
Advanced Algebra
Advanced Geometry
Algebra II
Algebra III/ Trigonometry
College Algebra/ Trigonometry (Honors)
Informal Geometry
Intermediate Algebra
Modern Geometry/ Trigonometry

Other: 4 years* from at least two of the following: history, english, mathematics beyond intermediate algebra, laboratory science, foreign language, social science, fine arts.
Advanced Dance Production
Advanced Drawing
AP Art
AP Calculus
AP Music
AP Political Science
Art Foundation
Basic Drawing
Cadet Band
Calculus H
Chamber Orchestra
Contemporary Culture
Concert Band
Dance I, II
Dance Production
Drama I, II
Drama Production
Introduction to Speech
Jazz Ensemble
JM Chorale
JM Madrigals
Jr. /Sr. Keyboarding
Nature vs. Humanity
Physical Geography
Western World History (Early)
Western World History (Modern)
World History

*1 One year’s work is approximately equivalent to 150 clock hours.

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