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The Office of Admissions Marketing and Communications and Recruitment teams work closely with a variety of campus partners to communicate and meet with prospective students throughout the "admissions funnel". Check out our resources below to see how our team can help you recruit new students to your college, program, or department.

What We Do

Through different communication types, including emails, postcards, calling campaigns, and more, we can help build the bridge between prospective students and your program. Whether you have ideas for communications you would like to send out, or are looking for assistance coming up with ideas, we are happy to help!

If you are hosting an event for prospective students, and would like the Office of Admissions to table and/or participate in the event, let us know as well. 

Partner Samples

Have an event or deadline you'd like to promote? Print pieces, like postcards and letters, are a great way to get the information to students. If you choose to send a physical postcard, your department/college will be responsible for costs associated with printing and mailing. We are happy to help with design work and generating a mail list.

Emails are a great way to contact students regarding different aspects of your program. Whether you are looking for recurring sends, a larger email campaign, or a one-time email, we are able to help. Emails are sent out through our CRM to students in our database that match the criteria you provide for your target audience. There is no cost associated for campus partners to take advantage of this service.

Calling campaigns are a great way to interact with students. The Office of Admissions can help you coordinate campaigns to remind students of important information regarding your program. For most calling campaigns, each individual program/department is responsible for making calls and providing their own callers. Calls can typically be made in the Admissions' Welcome Center, but arrangements can be made for other locations on campus. 

Campaigns are ran through our CRM, Hobsons. We'll work with you to develop a script, and will provide training prior to the campaign starting.

Are you hosting an event for prospective students? Our office can help! Through our CRM, Hobsons, we are able to create event registration pages that include email invites, event reminders and follow up emails for students who either attended or missed the event. 

If you are hosting your own registration, the Office of Admissions is still a great resource for inviting students and spreading the word.

Admissions Communications

These are the communications pieces that our Admissions Counselors and other representatives take on the road for recruitment events.

undefined2016-2017 Freshman Travel (PDF)
Audience: Freshman students at recruitment events.

undefined2016-2017 Transfer Travel (PDF)
Audience: Transfer students at recruitment events. 


These are some of the print pieces we use to communicate with students who we think would be a good fit for, or have expressed interest in the U but haven't applied yet.

undefined2017 Jr. Search Piece(PDF)
Audience: High School Juniors

undefined2016-2017 Transfer Travel (PDF)
Audience: Transfer students at recruitment events.

These are some of the communications that are sent to admitted students for the fall semester. 

undefined2016-2017 Yieldbook(PDF)
Audience: Admitted Freshman students (segmented versions for high acheiving, diversity, women, and general populations).

undefined2016-2017 Dean's Letters(PDF)
Audience: Transfer students at recruitment events.

Communicating with high school counselors is a great way to keep students informed about upcoming events, program details, and more. During the school year (September-May), the Office of Admissions sends a monthly newsletter to counselors across the country. 

If you have information that you would like to include in the next newsletter, contact us at Please submit items no later than one week prior to the start of the next month to make sure it is included in the next newsletter.

undefined2016 Counselor Conference Invite(PDF)
Audience: High School Counselors

undefinedCounsel with U Newsletter
Audience: High School Counselors


Communication/Recruitment Requests

Sending communications to students or planning for recruitment events involve a lot of different moving parts. The following timelines for communications/recruitment requests are useful in making sure we have enough time to prepare everything before the deadline..

To help us plan accordingly, please submit a communication request or a recruitment event request according to the timelines below. Please note that since different information is needed for communications and event participation, they each have a separate/different form. Be sure to fill out the correct form.


Emails: Must be requested at least 2 weeks before the send deadline during summer and early fall. Requests during late fall through spring should be requested 3-4 weeks in advance to account for increased requests received by the Office of Admissions.

Event Communications: Best practice is to start event communications 4-6 weeks before your event. To follow this practice, we suggest requesting your event communications 6-8 weeks in advance. If our office will be hosting event registration for you through Hobsons (our CRM), we prefer receiving the request 2-3 months in advance to allow us time to create the different aspects of the event and market it effectively.

Calling Campaigns: Calling Campaigns must be requested at least 4 weeks prior to when you would like to start making calls. This gives us enough time to build the filter, write the script, and get your callers set up in our program. 

Print Communications: Print communications need extra time for printing and mailing (if applicable). If your communication is already designed, requests should be submitted 4 weeks before you'd like the mailer to hit mailboxes or need them in hand. If our office is coordinating the design of your print piece through University Marketing Communications, please request the communication 2-3 months in advance to allow for design time.

Other Communication Requests: Additional communications requests may be available through the Office of Admissions. Timelines for other communications will be determined by the Office of Admissions once they have been requested.

Recruitment Event Participation: If you'd like the Office of Admission to participate in your recruitment event, please submit your request at least 4 weeks prior to the event. This allows us to make sure we will have the coverage in our office to participate. Because we spend large portions of the year traveling in and out of state, all requests are subject to approval.

Please note that timelines are subject to the bandwidth and availability of Office of Admissions staff. We will try our best to adhere to these deadlines, but in some situations may not be able to.

Communications Request

Please complete the following form for all communications requested through the Office of Admissions.

 Recruitment Request

Please complete the following form for all recruitment event participation requested through the Office of Admissions. 


Our Team

Ashley Babbitt 
Associate Director Marketing and Communications
Office of Admissions 
(801) 213-4150

Jason Ashcraft
Assistant Director Marketing and Communications
Office of Admissions
(801) 587-2616

Tasia Briggs
Marketing and Communications Coordinator
Office of Admissions
(801) 587-2615
Departments/Colleges/Programs covered

Cindy Luu
Marketing and Communications Coordinator
Office of Admissions
(801) 585-6720
Departments/Colleges/Programs covered

Rebecca Sumsion
Marketing and Communications Coordinator
Office of Admissions

(801) 585-1996
Departments/Colleges/Programs covered





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