Estimated Graduate Expenses for 2018-2019

Below is a breakdown of the estimated expenses for graduate international students at the University of Utah for the 2018-2019 school year: 

Annual Living Expenses*

 Room and Board:
 Health Insurance:
 Other Expenses:


 Annual Living Expenses Total:                                 



Non-Resident Tuition & Fees (Two Semesters)** 

 International Student Fee: 
 Graduate Non-Resident Tuition (18 credits): 


 Tuition & Fees Total:   $30,371.00


Total Estimated Graduate Cost***

 Total (includes Fall & Spring semesters only): $47,446.00


Graduate students must only prove they have funding for 9 credit hours per semester in order for the University of Utah to issue an I-20. Some graduate departments have higher credit hour requirements and tuition rates. The following departments have different tuition rates and fees associated with them. Please check with your department for current tuition rates and fees. You may also check current tuition rates here.

David Eccles School of Business:
  MBA, MprA, MS
  Executive MBA Program
  Professional MBA Program
  MAcc Evening Program
S.J. Quinney College of Law
School of Medicine
Physician’s Assistant

College of Architecture + Planning
College of Education (Masters)
College of Engineering
College of Nursing
College of Pharmacy (PharmD)
College of Social Work
MPA/ Executive MPA
Physical Therapy

Entertainment Arts & Engr
Biomedical Informatics
Communication Disorders
Genetic Counseling
Educational Psychology
Occupational Therapy
Public Health

If you meet ALL of the following requirements, you may qualify for resident tuition rates:

  • Is a foreign national legally admitted to the United States;
  • Attended a Utah high school in Utah for three or more years; and
  • Graduated from a Utah high school or received the equivalent of a high school diploma in Utah.

To learn more, open the House Bill 118 PDF to learn more about the requirements and application process.

*Your actual expenses may be higher or lower than this estimate depending on your personal spending habits. Please note that the estimated cost for room and board is for living on-campus. If you will be living off-campus, please be aware that the cost of living will likely increase.

**International students pay non-resident tuition rates at the University of Utah. The estimate reflects the minimum amount required for issuing forms needed for the visa application process. Amounts are subject to change at any time.

*** Any person requiring a student visa must provide proof of funding greater than or equal to the annual estimated cost. If a student cannot provide a personal bank statement showing the required amount, the student must also have his or her sponsor submit a signed letter or affidavit of support indicating the sponsor’s intent to financially support the student.

****The estimated cost per year for each dependent is $6,000. This will be calculated into the required proof of funding for each dependent requested.

Last Updated: 8/14/18