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International Freshman Deadlines

The University of Utah offers applicants three start terms: Spring, Summer, and Fall. We advise international students to submit their application at least 90 days before the regular admissions deadline to assure adequate time for processing.

Please note that due to lengthy visa processing delays, we cannot guarantee that applications or immigration materials submitted after the published deadlines will be processed in sufficient time. If you are experiencing visa processing delays, and do not feel that you will arrive in time to begin classes at the start of a term, please contact our office to determine if you are eligible for a change of application term.

The non-refundable application fee for international students is $65. A $40 late fee is required for all applications submitted after the admissions deadline.


 Application Deadline   November 1
 Final Deadline  November 15
 Admission Notification Begins               September
 Classes Start  January 7, 2019


 Application Deadline   March 15
 Final Deadline  April 1
 Admission Notification Begins  January
 Classes Start  May 13, 2019


 Honors Priority Deadline  November 1
 Application Deadline   April 1
 Final Deadline  July 1
 Admission Notification Begins             January
 Classes Start  August 19, 2019

Admitted freshman must Confirm their Intent to Enroll to register for orientation and classes.

Last Updated: 9/11/18