International Baccalaureate Credit

International Baccalaureate Credit

International Baccalaureate Credit

Students enrolled at the University of Utah who achieved a score of 5 or higher on International Baccalaureate (IB) examinations may be awarded university credit. Students must submit a request for evaluation to the Office of Admissions to have credit recorded on their records.

If a student has both AP and IB credit, the IB credit is awarded first, then any additional AP credit will be awarded. If IB credit has been awarded and duplicates AP credit, the AP credit will be reduced by the amount of credit awarded for an IB subject in a specific area.

A student must be matriculated at the University of Utah to have IB credit recorded. IB scores and General Education waivers are evaluated according to the current policy at the time the request is made for an evaluation. To see the most up to date IB credit articulation policy, please see the document below.

The University of Utah awards the International Baccalaureate (IB) diploma and up to 30 credits per student when the appropriate paperwork is submitted to the Admissions Office.

In accordance with the state mandated common exam equivalencies, students with passing scores will first have credit awarded for any exams with equivalents. Students who have earned an IB diploma yet have less than 30 credits from the course equivalencies will have the difference awarded as a block of university elective credit.

For example, a student who submits these IB exams and has earned the IB diploma will receive the following:

IB SubjectLevelGradeUoU equivalent credit awarded
English A: LiteratureHL6ENGL 2XXX, 3 credits (with WR2 if completed Summer 2022 or before)
French BSL4
Economics in EnglishSL4
Biology in EnglishSL5BIOL 1010, 3 credits (with SF)
Chemistry in EnglishHL4
Mathematics in EnglishHL5MATH 1210, 4 credits (with QR) & MATH 1XXX, 2 credits
12 credits (by awarded equivalents)
+18 credits (30 minus 12 awarded credits)
30 total credits for IB diploma

30 minimum credits – 12 awarded equivalent credits = 18 additional university elective credits awarded. This will show on the degree audit with the ‘additional credits under the AP, IB, CLEP & SPECIAL CREDIT section.

Please note: in some cases, per faculty approval, we will now award credit for SL (Standard Level) exams where previously we only awarded credit for HL (Higher Level) exams.

Credit for International Baccalaureate (IB)

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