High School Juniors

High School Juniors



Consider taking honors, AP, IB, or concurrent enrollment courses now so when you get to college you’re prepared. Signing up for more college prep courses than required for high school graduation will look great on your college application.




You have a lot to offer. Your unique perspective, intellectual curiosity, leadership skills, creativity, and service are all the things that make you a great fit for the University of Utah. Think about how you got to be you. Showcase the experiences that shaped your development and your potential for success in college.


  • Admissions

    Get familiar with deadlines and application processes

  • Financial Aid

    Explore ways to pay for college

    Financial Aid

  • Visit the U

    Plan a campus visit to the U.


  • Register for College Prep

    Register for rigorous college-prep courses and don’t let senioritis get to you.

  • ACT/ SAT

    New Admissions Criteria: The University of Utah is Test Optional for freshman applications for Fall 2021 admission. ACT/SAT scores are not required for admission, merit scholarships (including department scholarships), or direct admission programs (including Engineering). Freshman applications to the University of Utah for Fall 2021 will be evaluated using a holistic review process that takes into consideration factors such as a student’s high school GPA, course rigor, etc. To find out more click here.

  • Submit application

    Submit admission applications by November 1 to receive priority consideration for admissions and automatic scholarship consideration.

  • Apply for Scholarships

    Research and apply for scholarships.


  • Submit FAFSA

    The FAFSA for the 2020-2021 Academic Year is available October 1, 2019. The priority FAFSA date to submit is February 1, 2020.

  • Check Admission Notifications

    Watch for admission notifications in the spring and make your decision early.

  • Confirm your Enrollment

    Confirm your intent to enroll by May 1.