High School Core Requirements

High School Core Requirements


Students must demonstrate successful completion of the following courses at a regionally-accredited high school.*


English 4 years, emphasizing composition and literature
Mathematics 2 years, beyond elementary algebra (selected from geometry, intermediate algebra, trigonometry, college or advanced algebra, or calculus)
Biological and/or physical
3 years, two of which are required to be taken from the following: chemistry, physics, and biology or human biology   (one of the sciences must include a laboratory experience)
History 1 year, American history and government. (Processes and structure of democratic governance)
Foreign language First and second year (level) of the same foreign language taken during grades 7 through 12


*Students who have not completed the high school core course requirements may be admitted on a conditional basis if their Admission Profile meets a higher standard. These students will need to fill the high school course deficiencies within their first 30 semester credits in order to avoid a registration hold.

If you are unable to complete certain subjects because of a disability, please contact the Center for Disability and Access at (801) 581-5020.

For specific questions regarding high school core requirements, please contact the correct Admissions Counselor for your area.