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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ - International Graduate Admissions

Applicants need to go to the academic department's website to find information about requirements and how to apply.

Payment instructions are provided in ApplyYourself. Applicants should pay by credit card when they submit their online application. If an applicant wishes to pay by check or money order, they need to make sure their information is clearly included with the payment.

International applicants must submit proof of English proficiency. Minimum test scores for the University of Utah are:

English proficiency is a University requirement that can only be waived by the International Admissions Division of the Office of Admissions.

  • The English proficiency requirement is automatically waived if the student is from a qualified English-speaking country or the student earned a degree from a regionally-accredited school in the United States within two years prior to attending the University of Utah.
  • If a department officer has information which they believe warrants a waiver or deferment of this requirement, they may write a letter of appeal to International Admissions. The letter should include the reasons for requesting a waiver or deferment. An administrative decision will be made and the department will be notified. Speaking to the student does not warrant cause to waive the English proficiency requirement.
No, the English proficiency requirement is part of the admissions process and is needed to determine the applicant's admissibility. Also, USCIS requires the University of Utah to verify English proficiency to issue the I-20.
  • If the student has been in school in the U.S. since the time of their last TOEFL/IELTS, International Admissions will accept an unofficial copy, if the score is above requirements. The scores, along with attendance in an U.S. school, should be sufficient proof of English proficiency.
  • If the applicant has not been in school in this country, they will need to retake the TOEFL or IELTS.
  • When a student takes the regular TOEFL examination, they have the option of requesting the results be sent to three schools. If they list the code for the University of Utah, the score will automatically be sent to International Admissions. If the student did not list the University of Utah as one of the schools to receive the TOEFL results, they will need to contact the Educational Testing Service (ETS) and request an official copy be sent. Only TOEFL scores sent by ETS directly to International Admissions are considered official.
  • If a student takes the IELTS test, they have the option of requesting the results be sent to five institutions free of charge. Additional copies incur a small administrative charge. To get an additional copy, the student needs to contact the IELTS testing center where they took the test within two years of the test date.
We accept any version of the TOEFL exam. If it is an institutional TOEFL (ITP), it must come from the University of Utah.
Not unless the department requests the file without the TOEFL or IETLS. However, the applicant cannot be accepted without proof of English proficiency.
Departments have access to all transcripts uploaded through ApplyYourself. Any other copies of information in the file can be sent to the department, or an evaluation can be completed and a copy of the file and worksheet sent to the department through the Web FTP process.
We prefer not to receive faxed copies of credentials as they are often illegible. Faxed credentials may be used as working copies for evaluation purposes only. The student is still responsible for having official school records sent to International Admissions.
Yes, on the same basis as domestic students.
Yes, financial assistance from a department can be used to issue the I-20 Certificate of Eligibility if sufficient to cover the minimum amount. If departmental assistance is less than $44,228.00, the I-20 cannot be issued until the student has provided proof that they have sufficient funds to make up the difference. Please include tuition waivers in the total amount when you fill out the Department Referral Form in ApplyYourself.
It is the policy of the University not to waive the processing fee for international applicants except for students participating in the Vietnamese Education Foundation. However, if the department wants to pay for the processing fee, they can send International Admissions a campus order. The applicant's full name and birth date must be listed on the campus order.
The applicant is notified that their application has been received but that no action will be taken until the processing fee is paid. Once the fee is paid the application is processed as usual. If the processing fee is not paid, the application and other credentials are destroyed after the semester they have applied for has come to an end.
International Admissions will change the acceptance of the student from fall to spring with departmental approval and waive the renewal application and renewal fee. (Please note that we will adjust an applicant's admission application by only one term.) The department should use the ApplyYourself Department Referral Form to make the term change. Please mark the referral form as a "revised." If the student wants to attend a subsequent academic year, they will need to reapply and pay the $65 application fee.
International Admissions has partnered with eShipGlobal to send the I-20 by express mail, if the student is willing to pay the express mail costs. Otherwise, we will continue to use the U.S. Postal Service. If the department wants to pay the cost, once the I-20 is issued it can be released to the department so the department can express mail the I-20.
Upon admission a student is notified of all credentials still missing in his/her admission file and also, that if current work/degrees are not completed, his/her admission status will be rescinded. After the third week of the student's first term at the University of Utah, hold notification emails will be prepared and sent to students that have missing credentials. The registration hold will not be permanently released until the missing credentials are received in the Admissions Office. If there is difficulty in providing the degree, students should come to the Office of Admissions and speak to a representative at the International Admissions window.
Last Updated: 7/13/18