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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ - Domestic Graduate Admissions

Check with the academic department you plan to study in to determine their admissions processes and deadlines. Then fill out an online graduate admissions application, pay the processing fee ($55 per program for U of U domestic graduate applicants), upload required documents—including all college transcripts—and submit.

The application fee for domestic graduate students is $55. A late fee of $30 is required for applications submitted after the Office of Admissions term deadlines of April 1 (Fall), November 1 (Spring), and March 15 (Summer), unless a department has been approved to pre-screen applicants. For these departments, applications for the fall semester received after May 1 will be assessed the $30 late fee.

If you are a domestic applicant, your graduate application should be submitted 30 days before the departmental deadline. Call the department to check on their deadline, as departmental deadlines generally fall much earlier than the deadlines established by the Office of Admissions, which are:

Fall Semester April 1
May 1
All programs except approved pre-screening
Approved pre-screening programs
Spring Semester November 1  
Summer Term March 15  
Applicants must meet academic minimum requirements for admission. The following requirements are the minimum set by the Graduate School of the University of Utah, and do not guarantee admission to a graduate program. Also, each academic department or program defines additional requirements. Applicants are evaluated with respect to university and departmental requirements and with respect to the pool of available applicants. The minimum academic requirements for graduate admission are:
  • A bachelor's degree from a regionally-accredited college or university.
  • At least a 3.0 or higher undergraduate weighted mean GPA.
    • Meeting the academic department's admission standards, and receiving a recommendation for admission to their program.
Because your application is reviewed by both the Office of Admissions and the academic department, it is difficult to estimate the exact amount of time before you receive a final admission decision. Your application and transcripts will be summarized by the Office of Admissions and sent to the academic department for consideration. If the department recommends you for admission, they will submit a Department Referral Form to the University's Office of Admissions. If you've been recommended for admission, the Office of Admissions will complete a final review of your file to determine if you meet all other minimum academic requirements. If you meet these requirements, we will formally admit you to the University of Utah and send you an Official Letter of Acceptance by postal mail.
You may transfer 6 semester hours or 9 quarter hours from another school. Your academic department should complete the Graduate Transfer Credit Authorization Form and submit it directly to the Office of Admissions. The following approval criteria are also required to post graduate transfer credits:
  • Graduate credit may only be transferred from other regionally-accredited institutions.
  • Credits transferred from another institution may be used for only one degree.
  • Students must be formally admitted to a graduate program of study.
  • The courses must have a letter grade of "B" or higher.
  • "Credit only" grades are not acceptable.
    • Course work must be recommended by the student's supervisory committee, and taken within four years of semester of admission to the University of Utah for master's students and within seven years of semester of admission to the University of Utah for doctoral students.
No. Prospective graduate students apply for admission through the ApplyYourself online application system. This application is reviewed both by the Office of Admissions and the academic department to which you are applying. Check with your academic department to see if they have a separate supplemental application.
A separate graduate admission application must be filled out for each academic department to which you are applying. You will be charged an application fee for each application submitted. Each application must be submitted through the department's website using the ApplyYourself online application. You will need to use a separate e-mail address for each application you create. You will be charged a late fee for each application submitted after the Office of Admissions' term deadlines.
You may track your graduate application through your ApplyYourself account.
If you send official transcripts before you submit your online application, we will start a file for you in our office. However, in the Educational History section of the application, you will still be asked to upload a copy of a transcript from each institution from which you have taken courses, including the University of Utah. This includes concurrent enrollment, study abroad, correspondence, etc. Your uploaded transcripts are considered unofficial copies.

If you have not yet received an acceptance letter, you can check the receipt status of your application materials in the ApplyYourself online application system. If you have received a Letter of Acceptance, you can check your transcript receipt status on the Office of Admissions' website.

If you are admitted to the University of Utah, you must contact each of your previous institutions and have them mail an official copy of your transcript directly to the Office of Admissions. The University of Utah accepts electronic transcripts as official from the following agencies only: Docufide by Parchment, National Student Clearinghouse, Credential Solutions TranscriptsNetwork, Scrip-Safe, and AVOW. Otherwise, official transcripts should be mailed directly to our office. Documents submitted for admission become the property of the University of Utah and cannot be returned.

 When you complete the ApplyYourself online application, you will be asked to upload a copy of a transcript from each institution from which you have taken courses, including the University of Utah. If you have attended the University of Utah since September 1998, you may access your unofficial University of Utah transcripts online. If you attended prior to that time, the Registrar's Office can provide you with a single unofficial copy.

If you previously attended the University of Utah and are admitted to a graduate program, you do not need to send an official University of Utah transcript to the Office of Admissions. In addition, you do not need to send official transcripts from other institutions as long as the transcripts you previously sent are complete, official, and no additional coursework has been done. If you have completed any coursework at another school since last attending the University of Utah, then you will need to request an official transcript be sent from that school to the Office of Admissions.

Yes. We need an official transcript from every school you have attended or received credit from in order to process your application, regardless of whether or not it is reported on another school's transcript. Schools often list only transferred coursework on their own transcripts and that creates an incomplete picture of all classes taken and grades received at another school.
The institution code for the University of Utah for GRE scores is 4853. However, please check the application instructions on your department's website for information on how to submit any additional required documentation such as test scores or letters of recommendation.
When you applied for admission, you were asked to upload a copy of all of your college and university academic transcripts to your ApplyYourself application. These copies were considered unofficial. Once admitted, you needed to request official and complete transcripts be sent from all those colleges and universities once your expected degree and/or final grades were posted. Failure to provide complete and official transcripts by the third week of your admit term resulted in a registration hold being placed on your record. You will not be able to register for the next semester until the hold has been lifted. The hold will not be lifted until all of your transcripts, with degrees posted, have been received. You may track the receipt of your official transcripts online on the Office of Admissions website.
For additional information on Graduate Admissions Committee cases, including when a Letter of Support is required, please refer to the Graduate Admissions Committee section of this manual.
Yes. It is imperative that departments clearly state to the applicant that the department has "recommended" admission. The Office of Admissions sends the formal Letter of Acceptance for all applicants. If a department is working with a questionable case that must go to the Graduate Admissions Committee, the department may want to wait to send notification or clearly outline for the student that the final approval must come from the Graduate Admissions Committee.
No. Technically the application is only good for the semester for which the applicant is seeking admission. For example, if an applicant is applying for Fall Semester 2013 but fails to take a required GRE in time and then asks the department to consider him/her for Fall Semester 2014, the department must submit a referral form with a recommendation of "No Action." The applicant must then reapply for a future semester.
No, the Office of Admissions strongly urges departments not to release information except directly to the applicant. We are all obligated to follow the federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) in regards to what information can be disclosed to the applicant or any third parties. For example, if an applicant's spouse asks you to let him/her hand carry application materials to the Office of Admissions, you are not allowed to do this. Once received by our office, application materials such as academic transcripts become the property of the University of Utah and are not released to any third party—including the applicant. If the applicant calls you on the telephone, you are not at liberty to release grade point average information. You are not allowed to release any information to a family member or a friend.


Last Updated: 7/13/18