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Deferment Resources

As you get ready to start your first semester after deferment, you'll find great resources across campus that will help you succeed in any area of your college experience. Find the right programs, services, and opportunities to make the most out of your experience at the U.

Language Placement Tests

Students fluent in Spanish, French, German, Italian, Chinese, Japanese or Arabic, may be interested in taking a Language Placement Test. If a student passes the test, they are eligible to purchase language credits and/or get accurate language placement in university courses.

Learn more about Language Placement Tests on the College of Humanities website.

Veteran Support Center

 The University of Utah takes pride in its Veteran students, faculty, and staff. If you've been on deferment for military-related service, be sure to visit the Veteran Support Center. The center has everything you need to get to graduation quickly. 

Through the Veteran Support Center, Veteran students get priority class registration, academic and career assistance, free tutoring, a Veteran only student lab, and so much more. 

See everything the Veteran Support Center has to offer at

Last Updated: 7/13/18