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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you interested in defering you admissions decision? Let us help you make sure you have everything you need to get it set up. Here are some of the frequently asked questions about the process.

First time domestic freshman, transfer and readmit applicants who have been admitted are eligible to apply.   All requests will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis and may be granted for reasons including, but not limited to illness, military service, and humanitarian or religious service.  Supporting documentation must be provided with the application for deferment.

If you paid the Enrollment Deposit by May 1, you can apply for deferment until the first day of classes for the semester you were admitted. 

Students may request up to seven consecutive semesters counting the summer. For example, if a student was admitted for the Fall 2014 semester then the deferral can cover up to Spring 2017 semester.

Students may apply online through the CIS system here. Applicants will be required to describe why they are requesting a deferral, provide the appropriate documentation, identify when the semester they plan to return (up to seven semesters) as well as submit the $300 enrollment deposit.

If you confirm your intent to enroll and pay your enrollment deposit by May 1, a deferral can be requested until the first day of school.

An approved deferment request means that the offer of admission to the University will be honored. Direct admission to academic majors, programs with advanced standing, or placement by exam or audition will be determined by the individual department/program.  Applicants are advised to contact the department/program prior to requesting a deferment. Please for department contact information.

The Honors College will honor their original offer as long as the deferral is approved by the Office of Admissions.

ACT/SAT scores expire after two years for placement purposes only.  If your deferral request has you return after your ACT/SAT exam scores expire you may be required to take a placement exam or refresher course before registering for certain courses.

Scholarships awarded by the Financial Aid and Scholarships Office (including President's Scholarship, Utah Flagship Scholarship, Utah Academic Scholarships, Utah Academic Recognition Award, Diversity Scholarship and Leadership Scholarship) will be deferred if the deferment request is approved by the Office of Admissions.  Deferrals of scholarships awarded by departments or other agencies will need to be addressed directly with the appropriate department or agency.  Students that are eligible for need-based financial aid should contact theOffice of Financial Aid for information.

International students are not eligible for deferment and must reapply for their future term.


If your deferral is approved and you decide to attend before your deferral semester, please contact the Office of Admissions for your options.

Current students may apply for a Leave of Absence. Visit for more information.

Deferments are typically not granted based upon financial reasons, taking a year off to try to establish Utah residency for tuition purposes, not being admitted to a specific department/program within the University, or for students to attend other institutions.

Contact the Office of Admissions at 801-585-9987 or



Last Updated: 7/13/18