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Deferment Contact

Before leaving on deferment, admitted students can select a contact to help them ensure a smooth transition to the University of Utah once their deferment is over. Deferment contacts are able to work with the Office of Admissions, the University Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships, register their student for Orientation, help them apply for housing, and any other of the essential steps students need to complete before their first semester at the U.

How do I become a deferment contact for my student?

Under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), the University of Utah is limited in the information it can share about students, even to their parents, without consent being given by the student first. Before your student starts their deferment, they'll need to complete the Consent to Release Form to dedicate someone to help you with different steps at the U while they're away.

After completing the form, the student's contact will be able to help them manage their deferment checklist while they are away, as well as receive important information about the University of Utah and Admissions. 

What can I help my student with?

Deferment Checklist

The Deferment Checklist contains important next steps for your student as their deferment is coming to an end and they are preparing for their first semester at the U. The checklist includes attending New Student Orientation (mandatory for all new students), registering for classes, applying for housing (when applicable), and finalizing financial aid.

Learn more about the Deferment Checklist, and see how you can help your student with these important steps. 

Deferment Resources

Across our campus, you'll find resources designed with your student's success in mind. From the writing and tutoring centers and learning communities that help students engage their coursework in new ways, to language placement tests and the Veteran Support Center, your student will have access to everything they need to thrive on campus. 

See some of the incredible resources waiting for your student on campus.

Contact Us

Questions about your student's deferment? Contact Todd Taylor, Administrative Program Coordinator and Deferment Specialist, at (801) 585-9987 or for assistance.


Last Updated: 7/13/18