COVID-19 Related Admissions Changes


No. Official transcripts must now be sent via high school counselors or college staff via mail or through one of the approved electronic services.

Official ACT and SAT scores are still required to complete a freshman application or a transfer application where the applicant has less than 30 transferrable credit hours. Applicants may request their official ACT test scores at and SAT test scores at

Yes. All international applicants must provide proof of English proficiency.  We know that our international students have the greatest potential for success when they have an effective comprehension of the English language. Visit our website to learn approved ways to demonstrate English language proficiency,

We are working with all students who receive Pass (P) or Credit (CR) grades (or their equivalent). Courses completed in spring 2020 with Pass (P) or Credit (CR) grades (or their equivalent) will satisfy appropriate letter grade requirements. Additionally, courses completed in spring 2020 with P or CR grades will be recognized and totaled as part of the 30 completed credit hours for transfer students.

Completing major preparatory coursework with letter grades may be an admissions factor for individual programs. In such cases, departmental faculty and campus offices have been encouraged to be as flexible with summer 2020/ fall 2020 transfer students as possible. Please inquire with academic advisors in your program with questions. We encourage you to visit individual program websites for more information or to set up a virtual appointment with an academic advisor.

In most cases this should not have a negative effect.  Pass (P) or Credit (CR) courses completed in spring 2020 will not impact student scholarship awards or financial aid for fall 2020. Contact the scholarships area by email at if you have any concerns about your scholarship

Yes. Transcripts and test scores sent in the mail will be accepted and processed. There may be a delay in processing transcripts and test scores sent through the mail. When possible, send transcripts and test scores electronically. You may track whether we have received your materials at

We will work closely with all students to determine residency amidst the current circumstances. For more information, visit