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Carolyn Lyons

Admissions Counselor



(801) 587-2612

Recruiting Territories

Washington State, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina; Utah School Districts: Davis


Logan, UT

Alma Mater

Utah State University, BS; Westminster College, MA.

When did you start at the U:

September 2015

Best part of your job's location:

The view. You just cannot beat Salt Lake City on a blue sky day!

Favorite Salt Lake restaurant:

There are some amazing things happening with the food scene in Salt Lake City, but if I have to choose one, I'd go with Bombay House. Yum.

If I didn't work in recruitment, I'd be:

Traveling the world

Favorite spot on campus:

The Marriott Library. It's an amazing space and I particularly love the book art hidden throughout.

Tips for college:

Go to class. It's hard to be successful if you are never there. Class is also a great way to get to meet people and discover/refine your personal learning style.

Best part of your job:

Running into students I worked with previously who are thriving on campus.

Favorite U of U fact:

What a large role the campus had in the 2002 Winter Olympics. The Olympic torch that burned for two weeks is adjacent to Rice-Eccles Stadium. Not many campuses can make that claim!

Last Updated: 7/13/18