College of Architecture + Planning

The College of Architecture + Planning is a community of award-winning and highly recognized set of faculty, entrepreneurial students, and supportive staff which together create a creative community unlike any other.

Our efforts spark positive transformation in our designed world to promote the health and well-being of our society and environment through research, community engagement and educational experiences shaped to nurture the agile, inventive minds necessary to address global challenges.



The Design+Build Salt Lake program is invested in supporting and serving the communities of Salt Lake City and along the Wasatch Front. School of Architecture students develop, design and construct affordable, energy efficient and resilient residential buildings from the first sketch to the final construction.

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Spark Education Lab is part of a broad initiative that brings a human-centered design approach to complex problems in our community.  The focus of this lab is on the undergraduate experience at the University of Utah and utilizes the talents and passions of professionals and students to design new solutions that enhance each undergraduate experience.

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The Volterra program is a semester-long experience for students in the College of Architecture + Planning to earn a full semester of credits toward their undergraduate degree while living and working in a villa in Volterra, Italy.

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The Center for Ecological Planning and Design’s mission is to draw on multiple disciplines to understand and shape our environment by interweaving research and practice in human, biophysical, and built systems – people, place and design. By integrating planning and design processes with research, we seek to build in parallel both places and knowledge. In so doing, we strive to create communities that are adaptive to place, socially and ecologically just, and have high quality of life.

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As a School of Architecture, we value curiosity, adventure, risk-taking, and discovery. We understand the vital role that thoughtful, well-designed built environments have in the physical and emotional well-being of individuals and communities, and we promote empathetic responses to foster community and environmental health.

We support creativity and innovation in architecture and design through critical theoretical understanding and collaborative research. We understand the power of context and the potency of the local, and we are dedicated to confronting the imperative issues of our time, including air quality, water accessibility, public health, and social equity, and to do the greatest good for our society and our world.

Student Experiences at the U

If you want learning and networking experiences outside of the classroom, the U has a number of opportunities for you:

  • Design+Build Salt Lake
  • Study abroad in Italy
  • Center for Ecological Planning and Design

Career Opportunities

This undergraduate program is a pre-professional degree in architecture, meaning that most students pursue additional education or certification to complete their training. Upon leaving graduate school, you can pursue a number of career paths such as:

  • Architect
  • Architectural drafter, engineer, historian, journalist, theoretician
  • Construction manager
  • Historic preservation specialist
  • Industrial designer
  • Interior architect, designer
  • Landscape architect
  • Material scientist
  • Product designer
  • Specification writer
  • Urban designer, ecologist, planner
  • User experience designer, interface designer
  • Video game designer


Department Scholarships

Degrees offered

Architectural Studies BS
School of Architecture


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