College Level Examination Program (CLEP) Credit

College Level Examination Program (CLEP) Credit

CLEP Credit

Testing Information and registration forms are available through the University Testing Center, 450 Student Services Building.

Students enrolled at the University of Utah who achieved scores of 50 or higher on approved CLEP exams may be awarded 3 semester hours per exam. Credit is not awarded if duplicated by previous course work or examinations. Students may take any CLEP examination only once in a six month period. Charges for Testing should be verified with the Testing Center.

It is recommended that you check with either the Academic Advising Center or the Office of Admissions before signing up for any CLEP tests, for the following reasons:

  1. All General Education Classes taken prior to any corresponding CLEP tests will be considered preparation for those CLEP exams. Subsequently, the number of hours earned in the class will be subtracted from the number of hours awarded for the CLEP exam. Please consult the Academic Advising Center for information on how this might affect the reduction of waivers for General Education requirements.
    • AP credit earned prior to the taking of a corresponding CLEP exam will directly reduce the number of possible CLEP credits awarded.
    • It may not be to your advantage to take a CLEP exam in the same area as your major. Please consult your department advisor for further clarification of this matter.
    • The University of Utah will not recognize a retaken CLEP exam unless at six months have passed since the first exam was taken.
  2. All CLEP tests should be completed well ahead of the term you expect to earn your first bachelor's degree. Because of the nature of the evaluation process and the volume of scores submitted, no evaluation can be rushed for graduation or for any other reason.

Either the Academic Advising Center (801-581-8146) or the testing evaluator in the Office of Admissions (801-584-0795) can answer further questions concerning the evaluation of CLEP scores.

To view accepted CLEP tests view PDF below

Accepted Clep Tests

**Exam equivalencies are subject to change without notice