Veterans/Returned Military

Resources for Veterans and Returning Military

The University of Utah is proud of the veterans on our campus. They bring unique experiences, leadership and backgrounds to our classrooms, departments, and programs. If you are a veteran or returned military personnel, learn about some of the resources available to you at the U.

How Do I Apply

Start by determining what type of student you are to ensure you submit the right application items. 

Freshman — Students who have graduated from high school and have no transferrable college credit after high school.

Transfer — Students with college credits earned after high school.

Returning Students — Students who have previously been enrolled at the University of Utah.

Additional Bachelor's Degrees — Students who want to earn additional bachelor(s) degrees after already receiving one.

Non-traditional — Students who graduated from high school seven or more years prior to the semester of admission, and have not attended another college or university.


Who is Considered a Veteran

A veteran at the U is defined as "any student, alumni, faculty, or staff member of the University of Utah who has been or currently is a military member of the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, or Cost Guard (active or reserve), or National Guard of any state; or has separated from these services with a discharge other than dishonorable is considered to be a Veteran..." Learn more about being a veteran on campus through the Veterans Support Center.


Where Can I Go for Assistance

The best resource on campus for veterans is the Veterans Support Center

"The Center is staffed by student Veterans who are committed to providing their fellow Veterans with the most useful and current information available to assist them with this transition. The Center maintains relationships with university counseling, tutoring centers, and ASUU to ensure that student Veterans have a personal contact within these organizations when they find that they are in need of services. The Center serves as a drop-in location for study and discussion, as well as a place to develop contacts and friendships among the university's student Veterans."

Find out more about how you may use your VA benefits at the University of Utah through the Office of the Registrar at Veteran Services


Can I be Considered for In-state Residency?

Special exceptions exist for veterans and returning military attempting to establish residency - find out more here


Can I be Awarded Credit for my Military Training and Experience?

Please note that students who served at least 181 cumulative days of U.S. active duty military services and were honorably discharged or are currently on active duty are eligible to receive four lower-division hours of graduation credit for basic training. Apply for this credit through Veteran Affairs in the Registrar's Office.

Credit may be awarded for certain military service training and experience. The University of Utah follows the American Council on Education (ACE) Military Guide to determine transferability, and will transfer credit that is both ACE recommended and parallel to coursework taught at the U. If you wish to receive credit for your military training, please send your official Joint Services Transcript (JST) to the Office of Admissions. Once you've been admitted and paid the enrollment deposit, please contact the Office of Admissions at 801-581-8761 to initiate an evaluation of your credit. You must meet with an Academic Advisor before military credit can be awarded. You can set up an appointment to meet with an advisor by calling 801-581-8146. Please specify that you are interested in receiving credit for military service when setting the appointment

Veterans at the U (@theU)


Marine Corps' Leadership Scholars Program

The University of Utah is proud to be the only school in Utah participating in the Marine Corps' Leadership Scholars Program, which assists Marines in furthering their education. 

Last Updated: 2/22/19