Transfer Housing

There are a variety of great housing options for University of Utah students. No matter your needs, your a certain to find a great place to live in close proximity to campus. 

Residence Halls

The residence halls at the University of Utah are designed for first-year and new students. These halls are located close to campus and include an a meal plan, making your transition to the U easy. The three halls available to transfer students are:  

University Student Apartments

University Student Apartments include several different housing options for students, including apartments for families. Located on Sunnyside Ave, the apartments are close to everything happening on campus. University Student Apartments boast a fun, vibrant community with a lot of diversity.

Downtown Commons

The Downtown Commons merge the excitement of downtown living with the perks of living on campus. Commons 1, located in the historic Avenues neighborhood, features housing specifically for graduate students and students over 23 years. Commons 2, located at 43 South and 400 East, is home to 75 sophomores, juniors and seniors. With your UTA pass, included with your Ucard, you can easily get to campus conveniently from each location.


Your housing options aren't limited to things on campus or directly related to the U. Salt Lake is full of great places to live. See current postings and openings near the University of Utah.



Last Updated: 7/13/18