How to Pay for College

The University of Utah has several options to help make college more affordable for transfer students. The cost of tuition shouldn't stop you from getting the education you deserve. While the University of Utah's tuition is higher than most schools in the state, you'll have more resources and opportunities than anywhere else.

Through the Financial Aid Office, the University of Utah offers some scholarships specifically for transfer students. There are both merit and need based awards available which can greatly offset the cost of tuition. There are also achievement award scholarships available to transfer students. Students who complete their transfer application by March 1, 2016 will automatically be considered for these scholarships. Other scholarships are available through the university and specific departments.

The Financial Aid Checklist, provided by the Financial Aid Office, is a step-by-step guide for students to search for scholarships, complete their FAFSA, apply for grants and loans, and accept funds once they have been awarded. Scholarships and grants help cover tuition costs with no repayment required from students. Student loans are regulated by the federal government. They generally have low interest rates and are in deferment until approximately six months after graduating (certain restrictions apply).

The University of Utah provides great options for students to work through college to help cover the cost of tuition. Federal Work-Study (FWS), awarded through FAFSA, helps students to work on-campus while attending class (at least half-time or greater). The earnings through FWS do not count against FAFSA awards for the following year.

The university also offers several jobs for students, with flexible hours and competitive pay. Like FWS, these jobs allow students to work on campus, making their employment convenient. The Career & Professional Development Center, located in the Student Services Building, can help students find full-time or part-time jobs, offer resume workshops, and has career coaches available to students.


Last Updated: 7/13/18