Child Care

Child Care Options for Students

Many transfer students have families; it can be hard to find a child care program that is affordable, convenient, and that fits a college student's schedule. At the University of Utah, there are multiple options that are designed specifically to help students and their families. These care centers are education based, giving your child a relevant education while you attend class.

The Center for Child Care and Family Resources is a great asset for student families. The center helps families find quality child care that meets their needs and schedule as college students. The office runs two different child care facilities on campus with connections to other centers, and has a variety of other options as well. Students can get free consultation and are advised to call or visit the center for assistance.

"U-Match is a way to help faculty, staff and students find alternative options to meet their child care needs. By participating in the program you can view two helpful lists of members of the University community. Either those who are looking for child care and those who are willing to provide care as babysitters and nannies."

Financial Assistance

There are two great options to help students make child care affordable while attending school:

Child Care Access Means Parents In School (CCAMPIS)

School-Life Scholarship

Last Updated: 7/13/18