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Residency Determination
for Tuition Purposes
Institutional Policy

Highlights of the Institutional Policy

*Please Note: Residency Guidelines Provided Here are Subject to Change Without Notice

“The Institutional policy gives details on how undergraduate and graduate students may qualify for residency, exceptions to the one year rule including numerous exceptions for military personnel, and restrictions on Medical and Dental students gaining residency status.  It also lists scholarship programs that will restrict students from applying for residency reclassification.  You can find these guidelines for residency in the PDF version of our institutional residency policy brochure.

Students are required to read this policy for detailed information on residency eligibility and assistance in filing residency application forms.

The University is mandated by state law (Definition of Resident Student, 53B-8-102) to determine the initial classification of resident or nonresident status for tuition purposes.  The University adheres to this law in determining an individual’s eligibility to pay in-state (resident) tuition.

An applicant’s initial residency classification is made at the time of admission and is posted in the applicant’s official letter of acceptance from the Office of Admissions.  Individuals coded as nonresidents are charged out-of-state tuition for fall and spring semesters.  However, nonresident students may enjoy summer classes at the in-state tuition rate as the University charges all students at the resident rate for the summer term only.

STUDENTS’ RESIDENCY STATUS IS NEVER AUTOMATICALLY CHANGED FROM NONRESIDENT TO RESIDENT.  STUDENTS MUST APPLY FOR RECLASSIFICATION.  Students classified as nonresidents who feel their residency status should be resident may apply to change their status through one of the residency reclassification applications. Information found at will help students work through the reclassification process.  Applicants will find the application forms at this site.  The forms may be completed online, then printed and submitted with the appropriate documentation to the Office of Admissions.

Classification as a resident, either at the time of admission or after the formal reclassification process has been completed, can be reviewed and reversed if there is an error or change in facts that justifies an inquiry.  This policy applies even if the error was on the part of the University.

Questions may be directed to our office at (801) 581-8761, option #5 on the menu or by email at  Our mailing address is Office of Admissions, The University of Utah, 201 S 1460 E, Rm 250S, Salt Lake City, Utah 84112-9057.


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