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Tip Sheet

Spring Receptions and Summer Send-Offs

What is the purpose?

  • If you host a reception prior to the May 1 enrollment deposit deadline, it is a conversion event with an emphasis on getting the admitted student to enroll, attend an on campus admitted student event, or to congratulate students on receiving a scholarship.
  • If it's a summer picnic, barbecue, pizza party, etc., it is to acquaint new freshmen with other alumni from the area. Consider inviting current students as well.

What steps to I need to take to host a student reception?

  • First, when registering as a volunteer, indicate that you are interested in hosting a reception.
  • Once you have indicated an interest in hosting a reception, the Admissions Office will contact you in the early spring, on an as needed basis.
  • Next you will need to complete the communications request form. This form provides our office with the details of the event and allows our communications team to prepare an initiation for all students and attendees.
  • Finally, we ask that you provide us with feedback regarding the success of the event. 

Helpful Tips/ Must Do's:

Name tags and introductions are musts for a successful event. Include their high school name and have them add something personal---their favorite musical group, career interest, etc. The nametag can be instrumental in the meeting other prospective or current students.

Always invite the parents.

Have the students stand and introduce themselves — include their high school, program or major they are interested in studying and something they look forward to doing their freshmen year.

Have music playing.

Avoid multiple welcomes and speeches — students get bored with this quickly.

Play games and have contests — they are great way to mix new students, alumni, current students and parents in various teams. There are many creative ways to get all attendees involved such as creating your own University of Utah trivia, U of U Jeopardy and Who Wants to Be a Ute.

Award prizes — any and all U of U items will be popular.

Make it easy for students to exchange names; provide them with alumni names and info that will allow for future contact.

Set an expectation for students to send a note or email to let you know how they are doing. Tell them to plan on attending next year's event.

Last, have fun, be positive and build new lasting relationships!


Last Updated: 7/13/18