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Admissions Recruitment Programs

Admissions Recruitment Program

We're excited that you're interested in volunteering in Admissions Recruitment Program. The following programs are available:

The college fair season runs from August to November in the fall, and January to May in the spring. Each year the Office of Admissions receives hundreds of invitations to local, regional and national college fairs. Our staff is unable to represent the University of Utah at all of the fairs we are invited to attend, so we enlist the help of our alumni volunteers to attend as many as possible. College fairs are usually organized by one or more high schools, a district, or a professional education association.

Prospective college students and their parents attend college fairs to ask questions and talk with many different college representatives in one evening. College fairs are usually held at the sponsoring high school or at a conference/convention center. Students and parents who come to your table should be able to pick up our publications, fill out a contact card and ask you general information questions about the University of Utah. We will provide the training, resources, and materials you need to answer basic questions about admissions, cost, scholarships, financial aid, dates & deadlines, majors, and other general questions. But the best thing you can offer is your own personal experience at, and enthusiasm for the University of Utah. Check the events page for upcoming college fairs in your area.

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Each year we reach out to students through a calling campaign, which is typically held between the months of February and April. During this process, alumni and parent volunteers are asked to make phone calls to admitted students and their parents in order to encourage them to choose the University of Utah. The objectives are to

  • give students a chance to ask questions
  • direct students to resources
  • make a personal connection
  • and help them imagine their experience at University of Utah.

This is a great project for volunteers who need more flexibility in their schedule, and requires only Internet access and a telephone. We provide training and a database to make the process easy to do and easy to document.

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University of Utah spring receptions and summer send-offs are hosted by alumni and parent association members. These regional events welcome new freshmen and their families to the U of U family. At the events, students have the opportunity to meet alumni, parents, and current students from their hometowns, as well as connect with other incoming students who will be attending the University of Utah. Alumni volunteers are invited to host, fund, attend or assist with summer send-offs.

Some University of Utah alumni chapters and volunteers sponsor a spring/summer event in the form of a picnic, brunch, or reception for incoming students from their area. As a volunteer you may be invited to attend, or—if there is no local chapter or event—plan such an event on your own. This is a good way to introduce students to the local alumni chapter and encourage a positive perspective about the University. The Office of Admissions will send invitations to all incoming students in your area, and can include other alumni to participate in the send-off.

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The Postcards of Pride project is a joint effort between the Office of Admissions and Alumni who volunteer to assist in reaching out to students who have been admitted and have also been offered a scholarship to the University of Utah. Postcards of Pride, allows volunteers to congratulate the prospective student and encourage them to attend the University of Utah by sharing your favorite campus memories and life lessons. Volunteer now.

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Who can volunteer? Anyone who has graduated from the University of Utah.

How do volunteers help? As a volunteer, you will be given a list of prospective students, along with the appropriate amount of University of Utah postcards. (Note: we will try to include students from your state. However, based on demand, your list may include students from other states.) These students are high school seniors who have applied, been admitted, and are making their college choice from a small number of colleges and universities. Volunteers are asked to write a short message to these students. You may or may not receive a list of students more than once during the academic year (October - April), depending on the number of newly admitted students from your area.

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