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FAQ: Postcards of Pride

Thank you for volunteering for Postcards of Pride. Below are frequently asked questions from volunteers. If you don't see an answer to your question, or if you have a comment or suggestion, please contact our office at (Email).

Will I find out if the students I have contacted go on to attend the University of Utah?

In July, we will work with the Office of Admissions to determine the number of students each volunteer contacted who paid the enrollment deposit. The enrollment deposit number may vary slightly from the official enrollment numbers available in September.

May I receive additional postcards in my packets?

We would be happy to send a couple of extra postcards in your packets.

May I receive a list of the students from my area who have enrolled at the University of Utah?

Due to privacy issues, we are not able to provide lists of current students. If you would like to invite students from your area to an upcoming event, please let us know at least four weeks in advance. We will work with the Office of Admissions to send the information to the students.

Why aren't we contacting students prior to admission?

The Office of Admissions operates a number of communications campaigns that include students at various grade levels from high schools around the United States. It has been determined that the most effective use of postcards from alumni is to focus on the high school seniors who have applied, been admitted, and are making their college choice from a small number of colleges and universities.

I would like to contact more students from my area. Why do I receive only a few names?

We divide the number of students from your state among the volunteers or alternate volunteers in your area. Your list may vary in size and you might not receive a list of students, depending on the number of applicants each year.

I have not heard from any of the students I have contacted. Is this standard for most volunteers?

Yes. We appreciate your willingness to reach out to these students and contribute to the personalized recruitment effort. The Office of Admissions often receives positive feedback from students who are impressed when they receive your cards.

How can I become more involved in my area, beyond Postcards of Pride?

For those who indicated an interest in becoming more involved when registering as a volunteer, you will receive more detailed information regarding the recruitment programs you have expressed interest in through email. One of our most popular venues for volunteers to participate in are local community college fairs. We have found that by sponsoring training sessions in targeted areas around the country, alumni can make an immediate impact by representing the University of Utah at local college fairs.

May I receive an e-mail before the postcards arrive in the mail?

If you have provided your email address, we will send you a message as the packet is being sent. You will know it is on the way before it arrives.

I was surprised to be contacted more than once for Postcards of Pride. How many mailings can I expect to receive?

Students may apply for admission between August 1 and April 1. During that time, we prepare lists with newly admitted students. We select alumni to contact these students based on these lists. We have chosen a rolling program so that we can reach more students. If the lists were held until our last admissions deadline, some volunteers would receive 30-40 names to contact all at once.

Is it possible to contact students with a similar career interest, instead of by region?

This is a great suggestion and one that we have talked about. However, we have found many students are entering their freshmen year in the area of general studies. We can reach more students by region.

Can we get a better variety of postcards?

The postcards are provided by the Office of Admissions and are exclusive to this program. They are not used for any other departments or offices on campus. If you have suggestions for future designs, please let us know.

Last Updated: 7/13/18