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Alumni & Parent Admissions
Volunteer Program

Alumni & Parent Admissions Volunteer Program

Welcome to the University of Utah Alumni and Parent Admissions Volunteer Program website. 

The Admissions Volunteer Program exists to help University of Utah alumni and parents share their love of the U with prospective students in their community. As an Admissions Volunteer you'll provide the one-on-one interaction, personal attention and encouragement that can make the difference in a student choosing the University of Utah over another school.

Program Goals

The University of Utah Admissions Volunteer program has the following goals:

  • Increase the number of competitive and qualified students considering the University of Utah at the undergraduate level, who ultimately apply and enroll.
  • Provide a local source of information for prospective and enrolled students and their families.
  • Share the alumni and/or parent perspective with prospective students.
  • Sustain a national support network for the Alumni Association, Parents Association, and admissions staff.
  • Offer an opportunity for alumni to partner with the university in meeting its recruiting and admissions goals.

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Everyone Wins

When you participate as a University of Utah Admissions Volunteer, everyone wins.

  • You get to share your U of U story with future students who will benefit from your foresight and experience.
  • Parents of prospective students will value your unique perspective of the institution their child will attend.
  • You will have opportunities to network and volunteer with fellow U of U alumni and parents in your area, increasing your circle of contacts.
  • The university grows an increasingly talented and diverse student body.

If you are interested in recruiting the next generation of Utes consider the following steps.

Next Steps

If you have additional questions related to the Admissions Volunteer program, please send us an email at

Last Updated: 5/3/19