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Choosing a university is one of the biggest decisions that your student will make, and we're thrilled that they have chosen the University of Utah! Over the past five years, few public research universities have risen in stature as quickly for both academic excellence and the creation of life-changing technological and medical innovation at the U. With the urban and cultural advantages of Salt Lake City out its front door, and the majestic Wasatch Mountains and some of the best outdoor recreational opportunities in the world in its backyard, the University of Utah is the state's oldest and largest public institution of higher education, currently home to over 32,000 students. In 2011, the University furthered its mission of excellence by joining the Pac-12, one of the country's most prestigious conferences both athletically and academically.

  • Salt Lake City was listed as one of the best places to live, as well as one of the best towns for recent college graduates.
  • The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) ranked the U as one of the top universities in the country for green power on campus.
  • The U of U Health Care system was ranked #1 in the University Healthsystem Consortium's 2010 Quality and Accountability Study.
  • The U has been ranked one of the top research universities in the world.
  • The University of Utah Law School, MBA Program, School of Business, Physical Therapy, Pharmacy, Accounting, and Nursing programs all rank in the top 50 of their kind.
  • The University of Utah is undergoing a huge growth spurt, and a number of buildings have gone up on campus in the last several years, including a new LEED-Certified Residence Hall, the Student Life Center, the David Eccles School of Business Building, Honors Housing, the Natural History Museum of Utah, and USTAR Research Facilities. Several buildings are on the docket, including a new Law Building and the U of U Dental School.

Plan to Finish

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The U’s Plan to Finish campaign helps students earn a degree and find their dream career, while still saving time and money. Your student will receive the top quality education the U is known for while enjoying all the exciting activities Utah has to offer. With expanded course offerings, flexible schedules, mentoring, and knowledgeable advisors, Plan to Finish offers students the resources they need to achieve their goals sooner. Learn more here >

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