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Your college education is one of the best investments you'll ever makeā€”but it doesn't have to be the biggest. A degree at the U is a phenomenal value. Recent rankings by The Economist and Brookings about the economic value of a college degree place the U in the top 7% in the nation, and #1 among Utah, PAC-12 and BIG-10 public institutions. 

Cost of AttendanceThe cost of attendance is based on estimated figures, and as such, it may not accurately reflect an individual student's costs. For this reason, a student may appeal or request an adjustment to the cost of attendance for the following reasons:

  • A computer purchase for educational purposes, one time increase
  • Child Care expenses incurred while the student and/or spouse are at school or work
  • Unusual medical/dental expenses, not covered by insurance and not itemized on tax returns
  • Approved University of Utah study abroad programs
  • Costs related to a disability
  • Additional required program fees and expenses

In addition to being a great value, the U has many resources to help you pay for your education. When you complete your online application and submit all supporting documentation by the December 1 priority date, you will automatically be considered for merit scholarships. From scholarship money, to on-campus employment, to tuition payment plans, our goal is to help you get a solid education without breaking the bank! 

Plan to Finish

It's true that full-time status at a university only requires 12 credits (roughly 4 classes) per semester? But did you know that by adding one class per semester or studying during summer break, you can shorten your college education by one whole year and save significantly on tuition? A 30-credit per year schedule encourages high productivity and helps you progress through your college plan more quickly. At the U, our new Plan to Finish campaign will help you graduate sooner, start your dream career, and save money too. Learn more here >

Find Scholarships

Find Scholarships

Financial Aid Checklist

Financial Aid Checklist

Coming from outside of Utah?  

Here are some additional resources that may help reduce your overall costs:

Last Updated: 8/2/16