Todd Taylor

Todd Taylor at the J. Willard Marriott

The J. Willard Marriott Library is my favorite place on campus. As a graduate student, I spent many hours studying inside this beautiful building. The library is so spacious that it seems you can find a quiet place to study just about anywhere. It brings back good memories to walk into the library and see students working towards their degrees.

Admissions Counselor



(801) 585-9987


Kaysville, Utah

Alma Mater:

B.S. Weber State University, M.Ed. University of Utah

Number of years at the U?

This is my third year at the University of Utah. I spent two years as a graduate student and this is my first year as a full-time staff member.

Why you decided to work
in student recruitment?

I wanted to give back to students and help them in their college journey. It is easy for high school students considering college to feel overwhelmed. I can relate to those anxious feelings. I want to show students that they can be successful in their journey, if they just take college one step at a time.

If I didn't work in
recruitment, I'd be ...

... a teacher. I grew up around education. My mother and father were both teachers.

What's your favorite
thing about the U?

All of the students, faculty, staff, alumni, and community members take great pride in the University of Utah. You can see that walking around campus, at athletic events, and anything that is associated with the University of Utah. You can tell that everyone loves the "U."

Favorite U of U
fun fact:

Alex Smith and Andrew Bogut were both #1 Draft Pick's in 2005. Alex Smith was the #1 Draft Pick in the NFL . Andrew Bogut was the #1 Draft Pick in the NBA.

Tips for college success:

Don't be afraid to ask questions in your classes and work hard in your studies. Stay around campus to study and do your homework. Get involved with the many activities and opportunities the university has to offer. It will really enhance your college experience.

Best part of your
job's location:

The University of Utah is located right next to the mountains. When you walk around campus during the Fall and Winter seasons it is beautiful seeing the leaves change color and the mountains covered with snow. Also, you have a great view of the entire Salt Lake Valley.

Favorite thing to do
in Salt Lake City:

I enjoy the downtown shopping malls and restaurants. I also enjoy going to Utah Jazz games.