Mateo Remsburg

Mateo Remsburg near President's Circle

This little sanctuary is found between President's Circle and Pioneer Memorial Theatre. It is a great place to relax between classes or enjoy lunch. While it is not hard to find, not many people go here (which is okay by me).

Associate Director, Office of Admissions



(801) 581-8761

Recruiting Territories:

Utah School District: Canyons 


Idaho Falls, Idaho

Alma mater:

The University of Utah

Number of years at the U:

Five as an undergraduate student, and since 2002 as a staff member in the Recruitment Office.

Why did you decide to
work at the U of U:

I had such a great experience as a student, I wanted to share it with others.

Best part of your job:

Helping students get to the U, and the people with whom I work.

What's your favorite
thing about the U?

The vast opportunities to experience new things and meet new people.

Tips for college success:

Get involved, utilize the services available, take advantage of the opportunities to experience new things, and don't get behind in your studies.

Most memorable
college class:

Human Anatomy by Dr. Mark Nielsen, who still teaches today. He made the class come alive and interesting. This is also the class that helped me realize I would not have a career in the health field.

Favorite thing to do in
Salt Lake City:

Going to the Farmers Market on Saturday mornings during the summer.

Favorite Salt Lake

The original Pie Pizzeria just off of campus. Great pizza, atmosphere, and memories.