Heather Heinz Briley

Heather Heinz Briley in Fort Douglas Officer's Circle

Greek Row is my favorite place on campus for many reasons. Greek life gave me leadership opportunities and lifelong friendships. Being involved on campus opened doors for me in my personal and professional life. I encourage all students to get involved and have their own signature experience. It makes your college experience that much more enjoyable.

Assistant Director




(801) 581-6373

Recruiting Territories: 

Utah School Districts: Morgan, Park City, and Wasatch


Park City, Utah

Alma Mater:

The University of Utah

Why did you decide to
work at the U of U?

It is my Alma Mater and I had an incredible experience on campus.

Best part of your job?

The best part of my job is watching students that I had met with when they were still in high school attend the U, get involved on campus, and eventually graduate. I feel like maybe I made some sort of difference in their life.

Why did you decide to work in student recruitment?

I believe in access to higher education, and I wanted to help students overcome the barriers associated with the college application process.

If I didn't work in
recruitment, I'd be...

An interior decorator. I love watching HGTV and I could practically live in any home goods store.

What's your favorite thing about the U?

The view from campus and the people.

Favorite U of U fun fact:

The U on the mountain lights up when we win a game. When I see the U, it just makes me smile and brings back so many fond memories of being in the MUSS (Mighty Utah Student Section)!

Tips for college success:

It is so important to get involved, whether it is inside or outside of the classroom. The more involved you get the more successful you will be become.

Best part of your
job's location?

I love working on a University Campus where people are continually learning. The campus is beautiful and everyone is friendly. The view from campus to downtown Salt Lake City is hard to beat, plus we are surrounded by gorgeous mountains.