Latin American Studies

Getting Ready Transfer Guide 2016-2017

The Latin American Studies major is designed to provide students with critical language and cultural skills that serve as the foundation for careers in public service, business, humanitarian work, law, and health care, among others, in Latin America and with Latino populations at home. Students are strongly encouraged to combine the Latin American Studies major with a major (or minor) in another discipline, so that graduates can combine discipline-specific skills with a high degree of language and cultural competency. Review the requirements on the Latin American Studies’ website:

Important information: Latin American Studies majors typically combine a Latin American Studies major with a second major in the College of Humanities (e.g. Spanish or History or Communication) or the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences (e.g. Sociology or Economics or Geography) or majors from other colleges. Students majoring in Latin American Studies are required to take three years of a Latin American language and should begin their study of a second language prior to transferring.

Transferring Courses: The following courses may be taken at Weber State University to fulfill requirements for the Latin American Studies degree at the U. There are additional requirements not offered at Weber State that must be taken at the U.

PLEASE NOTE: The requirements listed as being satisfied in the following table are for this major only. If you change majors, these courses may not clear requirements for your new major.

HIST 4630 History of Ancient & Colonial Latin America 3 HIST 1300 Latin American Civ to the 1820s 3
HIST 4650 Modern Latin America 3 HIST 1310 Latin American Civ Since the 1820s 3
HIST 4670 History of Mexico 3 HIST 3300 History of Mexico 3

While attending Weber State University, students may complete General Education requirements and courses identified to fulfill the University requirements, including foreign language credits and/or other transferable electives for the U/ Students may also have a letter of completion sent from WSU, which states all general education requirements have been completed.

Students are strongly encouraged to meet with a University of Utah departmental advisor before entering the U.

If you have further questions regarding this major, you may contact:

Weber State University: Academic Advisement, (801) 626-6752

University of Utah: International & Area Studies Advisors, (801) 581-6101,

Updated 9/2016- Information is subject to change

Last Updated: 9/12/16