Asian Studies

Getting Ready Transfer Guide 2016-2017

The Asian Studies major is designed to enhance your understanding of Asia. The major is intended for students interested in acquiring a deeper understanding of cultures other than their own through the study of languages, literature, and society. The aim is a well-rounded liberal education with a concentration on the study of Asia, its people and cultures. It will prepare you to pursue graduate study or a career in public affairs, business, or law. Review the major requirements on the Asian Studies’ website:

Important information: Asian Studies majors typically combine an Asian Studies major with a second major in the College of Humanities (e.g. Spanish or History or Communication) or the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences (e.g. Sociology or Economics or Geography) or majors from other colleges. Students majoring in Asian Studies are required to take two years of an Asian language and if possible should begin their study of a second language prior to transferring.

Transferring Courses: No courses are currently listed as transferring from LDS Business College to satisfy specific requirements for this major

LDS Business College offers Associate of Science in Business and General Studies degrees, which satisfy General Education Requirements at the U. Within either degree, students may take foreign language credits and/or other transferable electives for the U.

Students are strongly encouraged to meet with a University of Utah departmental advisor before entering the U.

If you have further questions regarding this major, you may contact:

LDS Business College: Advisement Center, (435) 652-7690

University of Utah: International & Area Studies Advisors, (801) 581-6101,


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Updated 08/2016

Information is subject to change. Please note that LDSBC information reflects the 2014-2015 Year

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