Getting Ready Transfer Guides

If well-planned, your course work at another institution will be valuable toward earning a bachelor's degree at the University of Utah.  Many courses offered from other schools will fulfill requirements in the University's General Education program - the basics required of all University of Utah students seeking a bachelor degree. You can even begin meeting requirements for some departmental majors while still a student at another institution.

Learn more about the courses offered at other Utah colleges or universities that meet specific requirements in various programs of study at the University of Utah. Preparing yourself now can save you both time and money.

Before learning about your proposed major, please review the General Information for All University of Utah Undergraduate Degrees. This information includes important administrative procedures and also identifies courses that meet general graduation requirements at the University.

Course Transfer Standards

Transfer credit earned at other regionally accredited colleges and universities is normally accepted for advanced standing if the work is parallel in nature to programs offered at the University of Utah, and if grades of D- or better have been earned in the credited courses. Please note: Prerequisite courses and major courses may require higher grades. Check with your major advisor for additional information. The transfer evaluation and summary of transfer credit is subject to audit and re-evaluation.  Any appeals for credit not recognized by the University of Utah for transfer should be initiated in the Office of Admissions. 

Students who have an associate of arts or associate of science degree, or have completed the general education program at another Utah state-supported college or university are considered to have satisfied the University of Utah's general education requirements. Also, completion of an associate of science or associate of arts degree from a regionally accredited comprehensive community college will satisfy the University of Utah's intellectual exploration and writing portion of general education requirements. The mathematics and American institutions requirement must be completed, if not included in the associate degree. Additional graduation requirements in mathematics, writing, language, etc. are required for graduation. An associate of applied science degree does not clear general education requirements.

Getting Ready Transfer Guide Information

General Education

While attending another institution, students may take courses that will satisfy graduation requirements for the U, including General Education requirements. Select a school to see what courses may be taken there to help with graduation requirements at the U.

Credits toward a Major

Many departments at the U have made agreements with the other schools in Utah.  For example, if you are a student at SLCC and are planning to transfer to the U, you may be able to take SLCC courses that will directly transfer into your proposed major at the University of Utah.

Select a major and the school you have attended to see how courses transfer from that school into your intended program here at the U.


Articulation Guides

The Getting Ready Transfer Guides are not articulation guides.  The Getting Ready Transfer Guide is created by the University of Utah's Office of Admissions and departments to show how courses may transfer from other schools to complete major requirements.  This guide is major specific.  Courses that satisfy requirements for a particular major may not clear requirements for a different major.

If you are interested in general articulation agreements made between the U of U and other schools in Utah, please refer to the Utah State Transfer Articulation Guides:

Dixie State University
LDS Business College
Salt Lake Community College
Snow College
Southern Utah University
Utah State University
Utah Valley University
Weber State University
Westminster College

College of Architecture & Planning     College of Humanities                         College of Social Behavioral Science

College of Education                             College of Mines & Earth Sciences     College of Social Work

College of Engineering                          College of Nursing                                Eccles School of Business

College of Fine Arts                               College of Pharmacy                             Medical Laboratory Science

College of Health                                   College of Science                                 Pre-Medicine


Last Updated: 7/10/17