Options for denied
undergraduate applicants

I've been denied - now what?

Being denied doesn't always mean the end of your University of Utah dream. While you may not be admissible now, there are options to strengthen your chances in the future. Review the list below to see if any of the possibilities pertain to you:

  • For freshman applicants
    • Retake the ACT/SAT. We will review your file using the higher score when you reapply for a future term.
    • Attend another regionally accredited college or university and reapply to the U once you have completed 30 semester hours. Learn more about transfer admission requirements here.
  • For transfer applicants
    • Check your current school's policy to see if you can retake any of the courses with low grades This is the quickest way to raise your GPA. Note: we do not honor academic renewal at other universities.
    • If you haven't already done so, earn an Associate of Science or Associate of Art from a regionally accredited school.
    • Continue attending another college until you raise your cumulative GPA. Learn more about transfer admission requirements here.

Can I appeal?

Keep in mind that your file has already received a thorough review and you were expected to present everything of significance in your initial admission application. However, if there is new and compelling information since your initial application, you have the option to appeal the deny decision. Additionally, all appeals will be reviewed by potential Sponsoring Departments and applicants are encouraged to review these departments' requirements because "fit" will be considered as well as what is provided by the applicant.

What is required for an appeal?

  1. A completed Appeal of the Denial Form (PDF). 
  2. Selection of Sponsoring Department(s). Sponsoring Departments have agreed to academically support students during their first year of college. If a department is not willing to sponsor you, you cannot be admitted on appeal. When choosing a Sponsoring Department, the applicant must review and understand the requirements for that Department as they will be asked why they are a good fit for the department on the Appeal of Denial Form. Applicants must choose at least one, but no more than three, Sponsoring Departments.
  3. Two completed Letter of Recommendation forms. These forms must be from someone who is familiar with your academic potential, preferably a former or current teacher or professor. Letters from family members or friends will not be considered.
  4. Optional: supporting documentation to substantiate new and compelling information. Examples include an updated transcript, doctor's note, or verification of extenuating circumstances.

Sponsoring Departments

The University has an interest in ensuring that students have the necessary skills and support to be academically successful. A Sponsoring Department may support their students through academic programs, seminars, advising or other programming to help encourage academic success. The Office of Admissions will collaborate with the applicant's selected department(s) to determine if sponsorship is appropriate. If a student's appeal is approved, his/her offer of admission will be contingent upon participation in the requirements determined by their Sponsoring Department, otherwise the admissions offer may be rescinded. Listing a Sponsoring Department(s) on the Appeal of the Denial Form does not guarantee that the appeal will be approved or that the sponsoring department has space available in their program.

Carefully review the list of sponsoring departments to see if you qualify for their program and have interest in participating. Only those departments listed below have agreed to sponsor students.

Academic & Support Departments 

College of Fine Arts

The Sponsored Student Program through the College of Fine Arts is for students majoring in Art & Art History, Ballet, Film & Media Arts, Modern Dance, Music or Theatre.

College of Social Work

Department of Parks, Recreation, & Tourism

Visit the Department of Parks, Recreation & Tourism's website.

When requesting sponsorship from the Department of Parks, Recreation, and Tourism, it is important that your decision is based on whether or not the department is a good fit for you. Our decision to sponsor you will take into consideration whether you are a good fit with our department. Therefore, we have several stipulations.

  1. We will sponsor only transfer students with an associate degree or fewer than three general education requirements to complete. QA and WR must be completed. We are an upper division major. Courses are designed for junior and senior level students.
  2. We will sponsor only students that begin the major in fall semesters and agree to participate in the Parks, Recreation, and Tourism Integrated Core.
  3. Sponsored students must maintain a 2.5 GPA and pass all courses with a C- or better.
  4. Sponsored students are required to meet with the academic advisor a minimum of three times a semester for the first year, the first week of classes (prior to the drop deadline), one month into the semester (prior to the withdrawal deadline), and the last month of the semester (prior to the next semester registration).
  5. Students will be required to sign an agreement form, acknowledging and agreeing to meet all of the PRT Sponsored Student Program requirements. Failure to adhere to the requirements may result in dismissal from the program.

In your appeal, it is important to present yourself professionally. Your responses should be typed and include your interest in pursuing a degree in Parks, Recreation, and Tourism. You should list any previous experiences and accomplishments related to the field of parks, recreation, and tourism that demonstrate your interests and motivation.


Visit the Army ROTC website.

American Indian Resource Center

The Center for Disability Services

The Center for Disability Services (CDS) is dedicated to students with disabilities by providing the opportunity for success and equal access at the University of Utah. CDS considers sponsorship of students who may qualify as a student with disability and benefit from our services.

Student Equity and Diversity / Diversity Scholars

The Diversity Scholars Program is an academically successful First-Year retention program at the University of Utah. The program provides academic support for Students of Color and first generation college students. It offers students the unique opportunity to participate in a range of services and programs-including small classroom experience, academic advising, community engagement, leadership development and scholarship preparation. The Diversity Scholars program is implemented as a cohort model and includes traditional admitted students, sponsorship students and full ride scholarship students.

Requirements for Sponsorship

  • Participation in a year-long cohort
  • Attendance at a minimum of three free summer learning enhancement workshops
  • Enroll and participate in a three class block schedule associated with the program Fall semester and one class in the Spring semester.
  • Attendance at weekly study hall
  • Weekly critical service learning
  • Monthly Advisor meetings
  • Regularly scheduled meetings with Faculty and Peer Mentors

Student Equity and Diversity—Transfer Students

The Diverse Transfer Student Program offers transfer students an opportunity to be sponsored through the admissions appeal process. Transfer students will be sponsored if they meet the criteria to be sponsored by the University and the Diverse Transfer Student Program. The Diverse Transfer Student Program criteria includes the following be met by students while sponsored by the department.


  • Sponsored students will attend the Transfer Summer Institute.
  • Sponsored students will attend the "Making Connections" (Transfer Resource Symposium).
  • Sponsored students will meet with the Transfer Program Advisor monthly and before they register for classes for their first year at the University of Utah.
  • Sponsored students will enroll and attend a mandatory course associated with the Transfer Program during the Fall semester (3 credit hours).
  • Sponsored students will attend at least two Transfer workshops.
  • Sponsored students will submit a study journal and schedule bi-weekly (5 hours studying minimum per week) during the school year.
  • Sponsored students will participate in the transfer mentor program for two semesters (within one year of acceptance).

Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Resource Center (LGBT)

The LGBT Resource Center sponsors LGBTQ+ individuals and allies, regardless of identity. For more information, please visit our admissions appeal page.

Office of Engagement / BEACON Scholars Program

The Office of Engagement offers sponsorship opportunities to students who are appealing to the Admissions office. We offer this opportunity to students who are willing to participate in our BEACON scholars program and enroll in a Block U. Students interested in sponsorship should review our academic sponsorship webpage and contact us to schedule an appointment to discuss requirements and eligibility.

Women's Resource Center (WRC)

The Women's Resource Center (WRC) at The University of Utah would love to sponsor you for the next two years of your education because we believe that, with our support programs, you have the potential to succeed in your educational goals and contribute meaningfully to the learning environment at The University of Utah. As a Women's Resource Center U START student, also known as a sponsored student, we take very seriously your personal success at The University of Utah. We are invested in the students we serve and seek to provide a variety of services to ensure your success at The University of Utah. We sponsor men, women, traditional, non-traditional, and transfer students. For Spring admittance, the WRC only sponsors transfer students with more than 60 credits.

Requirements for sponsorship

  • Attend U START Orientation
  • Participation in 2-year cohort
  • Mandatory Advising with University College through U START program
  • Enroll and participate in required courses (4 total)
    • Fall year 1: 2 courses
    • Spring year 1: 1 course
    • Fall year 2: 1 course
  • Attend and participate in weekly service learning (first year only)
  • Attend regular scheduled meetings/monthly workshops with WRC Mentors

When is my appeal packet due?

A complete appeal packet is due the 15th of every month but must be received no later than six weeks after the date on the admission denial letter. If the 15th falls on a weekend or holiday, a complete appeal packet is due on the next business day. Only complete appeals received by the 15th will be forwarded to sponsoring departments after an initial review from Admissions. You can track the receipt of your documents via the online tracking system.

How and when will I be notified?

You will be notified by the Office of Admissions by postal mail. Notification may take 4-6 weeks from the deadline. For example, if you submit your complete appeal before the Nov 15 deadline, then you should hear no later than January 1.

Who can I contact?

Contact the Office of Admissions at admissions_appeal@utah.edu or 801-581-8761.


This information is subject to change without notice. Please check this page for the most up-to-date information. 

NOTE: Students appealing a residency decision should visit the Residency website for appeal information.


Last Updated: 9/2/14